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MGC Jewel Complete Payment Plan Details || ROI vs ROA


MGC Jewel Complete Payment Plan Details || ROI vs ROA

The real estate market in Islamabad is now more accessible than ever with the innovative 1% Payment Plan, an initiative by MGC Developments. This plan allows investors to secure a home or commercial space with just a 1% monthly installment over seven to eight years. Whether you are looking for luxury apartments, shops, or hotel suites, the 1% Payment Plan provides a flexible and affordable pathway to property ownership in Islamabad.


What is the 1% Payment Plan?

The 1% Payment Plan is a post-possession installment plan that enables you to invest in high-rise real estate by paying only a 1% monthly installment. With a down payment ranging between 15% to 25%, this plan allows you to settle in your new home or shop within 3.5 years, while spreading the remaining payments over a period of 7 years. This structure makes it feasible for more people to invest in top-tier real estate projects, ensuring they can own luxury apartments, shops, and hotel suites without financial strain.

MGC Developments: Pioneering Affordable Real Estate

MGC Developments is the visionary real estate company behind the 1% Payment Plan in Pakistan. Their mission is to make home and business ownership achievable for everyone. By offering properties at a 1% monthly installment for seven years, with possession in just 3.5 years, MGC Developments is revolutionizing the real estate market in Islamabad.

Unmatched Amenities on a 1% Payment Plan

Investing in MGC Jewel means access to over 32 world-class amenities designed to elevate the living experience. From digital parking and an IT mart to artificial beaches, an infinity pool, a health club, a cinema, and a skywalk, MGC Jewel offers unparalleled luxury and convenience.

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Luxury Apartments on the 1% Payment Plan

MGC Jewel provides a variety of residential options, including studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments, ranging from 365 to 1505 square feet. These high-rise homes offer stunning views and serene living environments, all available on a 1% monthly installment plan.

  • Studio Apartments: 365 to 423 sq. ft.
  • 1-Bed Apartments: 501 to 654 sq. ft.
  • 2-Bed Apartments: 977 to 1505 sq. ft.

Beach View Apartments in Islamabad

For those seeking a high-end living experience, MGC Jewel offers beach view apartments with ultra-modern interiors. These apartments come with access to an artificial beach, a cultural-themed shopping floor, a skywalk, and a BBQ food court, all within a 1% monthly installment plan.

Cultural Avenue Shops

Invest in a shop at The Cultural Avenue, located within MGC Jewel. These shops range from 368 to 500 sq. ft. and are spread across lower ground, ground, and four additional floors. With over 800 commercial units, including kiosks, atriums, general shops, and food court shops, the 1% Payment Plan makes commercial real estate investment more accessible.

Food Court Shops

Restaurant business owners can benefit from the 1% Payment Plan by securing a spot in the 12.76 kanal food court of MGC Jewel. With a prime location in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, and close proximity to Ring Road and G.T. Road, these shops promise high foot traffic and excellent capital gains.

The 1% Payment Plan introduced by MGC Developments is a game-changer for real estate investment in Islamabad. It offers a low monthly installment requirement and flexible payment terms, making property ownership accessible to a broader audience. With luxury apartments, commercial shops, and an array of amenities in the prestigious MGC Jewel project, investors have a diverse range of options to meet their needs and investment goals. This innovative approach sets a new standard in the Islamabad real estate market, combining quality living and business spaces with ease of investment.

What is the 1% Payment Plan?2024-05-17T19:26:14+00:00

The 1% Payment Plan allows you to invest in MGC Jewel by paying just a 1% monthly installment over seven to eight years, with possession in 3.5 years.

What is the down payment requirement for MGC Jewel?2024-05-17T19:27:04+00:00

The down payment for MGC Jewel ranges from 15% to 25%.

Who is behind the 1% Payment Plan?2024-05-17T19:27:42+00:00

MGC Developments, a leading real estate company, launched the 1% Payment Plan in Pakistan.

What types of properties are available under this plan?2024-05-17T19:28:25+00:00

The plan includes luxury apartments, commercial shops, and hotel suites in the MGC Jewel high-rise project.

What amenities does MGC Jewel offer?2024-05-17T19:29:01+00:00

MGC Jewel boasts over 32 world-class amenities, including digital parking, an IT mart, artificial beaches, an infinity pool, a health club, a cinema, and a skywalk.

What sizes are available for the apartments in MGC Jewel?2024-05-17T19:29:36+00:00

Studio apartments range from 365 to 423 sq. ft., 1-bed apartments from 501 to 654 sq. ft., and 2-bed apartments from 977 to 1505 sq. ft.

Where is MGC Jewel located?2024-05-17T19:30:16+00:00

MGC Jewel is located in Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi, near key landmarks like Bahria International Hospital and Gloria Jean’s Coffees Business Bay.

When will I get possession of my property?2024-05-17T19:30:49+00:00

You can get possession of your property within 3.5 years while continuing to pay installments over a total of 7 years.

Are the projects RDA-approved?2024-05-17T19:31:21+00:00

Yes, MGC Jewel is an RDA-approved project, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for investors.

What is the investment potential of MGC Jewel?2024-05-17T19:31:55+00:00

MGC Jewel offers a prime location, extensive amenities, and flexible payment terms, making it a lucrative investment with high potential returns on investment (ROI) and returns on assets (ROA).


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