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Capital Orchards Islamabad


Out of hundreds of housing schemes emerging on the map of Islamabad, only a few are contributing to the betterment of the environment and providing a nature-enclosed lifestyle to the general public. Capital Orchards Islamabad is one such housing project that follows the concept of a Forest City. It is offering natural and healthy living with all the modern amenities and state-of-the-art development.



DXB Group of Companies is developing Capital Orchards Islamabad and calling it the ultimate dream living destination in the federal capital. Developers are implementing a unique idea of residences in the twin cities. Capital Orchards Islamabad is developing at a desirable location that is easily accessible from different places and routes of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Capital Orchards will provide healthy living and contemporary facilities within its premises. The developers are committed to making Capital Orchards a haven for families where they can thrive and enjoy a fulfilling life. The society generally follows the concept of farms living similar to the rural areas of the country, but with international standard architecture, world-class amenities, and different leisure and entertainment facilities.  Generally, Capital Orchards Islamabad is introducing organic living in Islamabad that will be made possible through the implementation of natural elements.

Management of Capital Orchards Islamabad is currently awaiting the No Objection Certificate (NOC) and Approval from the administrative authorities There are numerous unique features added to society such as peaceful living, greenery, bio-diversity, smart facilities, and organic yet fun living standards. The society aims to bridge the gap between futuristic and innovative living and a healthy and green lifestyle.

Capital Orchards is a mixed-use housing society that offers residential plots, commercial plots, villas, and high-rise apartments to facilitate a maximum number of investors and end-users. DXB Group of Developers is striving to make their society a load-shedding-free zone that constitutes environment-friendly infrastructure and a pollution-free atmosphere.

Capital Orchards Islamabad Location

Capital Orchards Islamabad is present at a desirable location near Islamabad that is away from the fuss and noise of a busy city but still close to all the facilities and important landmarks. Capital Orchards Islamabad is located on Islamabad – Dera Ghazi Khan Motorway M-14, just 5 kilometers from the Fatehjang Toll Plaza (North) and 10 kilometers from M-1 Motorway Interchange.

Given below is the location map of Capital Orchards Islamabad:

Capital Orchards Islamabad features an easy location, and customers who want to visit the site can easily the society via google maps. Just enter the site location and follow the directions to reach the society site.

The location of Capital Orchards Islamabad is quite ideal, and it is easily reachable from different routes. Different famous housing projects such as Nova City Islamabad, ICHS Town, and 7 Wonders City Islamabad are also present near the site of the society.

Capital Orchard’s location is very attractive from an investment as well as a living point of view. A good location is necessary for gaining the interest of customers and selling properties. Capital Orchards Islamabad is blessed with one of the finest locations close to Islamabad that benefits from multiple routes such as the Motorway, Ring Road, CPEC Route, and other main roads.

Capital Orchards Islamabad Accessibility

The location of Capital Orchard Islamabad enables it to be accessed easily from all areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is surrounded by many different housing projects and important landmarks such as markets, educational institutes, and shopping centers. Without a doubt, the developers have paid a lot of attention while choosing the location of Capital Orchards Islamabad that satisfies investors, visitors, home builders, and prospective residents.

Following is the accessibility of Capital Orchards Islamabad from different places:

  • Approximately 40 minutes from the main Rawalpindi City
  • Approximately 43 minutes from Islamabad City
  • Approximately 25 minutes from M-14 approved interchange
  • Approximately 18 minutes from the proposed Ring Road Interchange
  • Approximately 45 minutes from Islamabad International Airport
  • Approximately 39 minutes from Rama Dam

Capital Orchards Islamabad NOC

Capital Orchards Islamabad is yet to obtain the duly obtained No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). As per the latest updates, the management of society has already completed the required documents for NOC from authorities and submitted them. Capital Orchards Islamabad NOC will soon be approved by the governing bodies.

The process of gaining a No Objection Certificate is very time-consuming, and it is a 2 tier process. First of all, Capital Orchards need to acquire approval from district administrative authorities, PHATA in this case. After that, the administrative authority was named Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

NOC is mandatory for any housing society for the start of development; moreover, it also enhances the trust of investors and contributes largely to the success and market value of any housing society. Residential projects with a duly approved NOC are considered legal and people can invest here without worrying.

  • Approximately 15 minutes from Srinagar Highway
  • Approximately minutes from 23 Fatehjang Toll Plaza
  • Approximately minutes from 28 D.I Khan Hakla Interchange

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Developers and Owners of Capital Orchards Islamabad

Capital Orchards Islamabad is developed by DXB Group of Companies and they are also the owners of this project. DXB Group is a well-known real estate developer that works to provide a wide range of services to property owners, tenants, and buyers in the real estate sector of Pakistan.

DXB Group of Companies is known for its integrity, commitment to excellence, professionalism toward work, and personalized care for its customers. Engineer Hanif Wazir is the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of DX Group of Companies. They have provided a wide range of services during their tenure in the property sector of Pakistan.

DXB Group, under the chairmanship of Mr. Hanif, has introduced its first-ever residential housing project in the outskirts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi City by the name of Capital Orchards Islamabad. Investor’s community and home builders have trust in the developer and they have shown keen interest in the society ever since the society was introduced back in 2021. DXB Group will develop society as per international standards and world-class infrastructure without compromising on healthy living elements.

DXB Group of Companies is establishing a unique housing project with an entirely new concept of combining organic living with state-of-the-art development and provision of all exquisite amenities. DXB Group has already put together a team of highly qualified civil engineers, town planners, architects, and designers to work on the project and make it stand out from the crowd of housing societies in Islamabad.

Master Plan of Capital Orchards Islamabad

The master plan of Capital Orchards Islamabad is designed in such a way that it fulfills the requirements of administrative authorities as well as investors. It is designed by a team of professionals with years of experience in town planning and architecture. All the international principles of development will be fulfilled in the master plan map.

Following is the official master plan of Capital Orchards Islamabad:

Moreover, the developers have ensured that the master plan is designed to provide all the basic and world-class amenities to the prospective residents. The Master Plan of Capital Orchards Islamabad will consist of a pollution-free environment, a lot of greenery, and luxury living, in addition to innovative infrastructure. The exact master plan will be followed for the on-ground development of the society.

The master plan constitutes of 7 districts in total as follows:

Farms District

In the Farms District, the society plans to develop modern farmhouse-style homes. This district will contain increased green areas to improve standards of living and provide great aesthetics. Homes in this district will be built on state-of-the-art designs. This block will be powered by an independent solar grid and provide private and privileged life. It will be a clean and green district with a private jogging track.

Lake District

Lake District comprises a central lake that will act as a multi-purpose entertainment spot for families and individuals. Lake District will not house any residential units; instead, it will provide different entertainment facilities to the residents of Capital Orchards Islamabad.

Lake District offers the following activities:

  • Community Club
  • Water Sports
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Tracks and Trails
  • Open Courts
  • Zip lining
  • Horse Riding Club
  • Archery –  Shooting Club

Villas District

As the name indicates, this district will be specified for Capital Orchard Villas of different sizes. This district features an independent and secured entrance and environment. All the Villas developed here will constitute smart features and imported fittings. Furthermore, Villas District will also offer beautifully built Lake View and Park View-facing Villas.

Midrise Block

Midrise Block is a purely residential block of Capital Orchards Islamabad. Similar to other districts, Midrise Block will be accessible through a dedicated entrance and provide a secure environment for residents. Homes in Midrise Blocks will have smart access and wide balconies to absorb the beautiful views of the surroundings. Moreover, green spaces are also planned in this block.

Livelihood District

A livelihood District is planned by the developers to induce the concept of organic living in society. This District will be home to organic fruit and vegetable farms along with cattle and poultry farms for the supply of fresh milk, meat, eggs, etc. Moreover, honey harvesting will be done in this block using traditional methods.

Forest Square and Condos Club

This is the greenest block of Capital Orchards Islamabad that will provide luxurious and nature-encapsulated residences. Pakistan’s first green commercial hub will be established in this district along with Open Street Scaps and Cafes. This whole block will be kept carbon-free. This district faces the central lake and provides scenic and calming views of the waters.

Plots for Sale in Capital Orchards Islamabad

Capital Orchards Islamabad is a mixed-use residential society that offers residential plots, commercial plots farmhouses, and villa plots. But currently, the community has just launched 2 categories of residential plots and one category of commercial plots for bookings.

Capital Orchards Islamabad Residential Plots

Following are the plots offered in the residential category of the society; however, they are not yet available for booking:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Capital Orchards Islamabad Commercial Plots

The following commercial plots are offered in Capital Orchards Islamabad:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 1 Kanal (currently available for booking)

Capital Orchards Islamabad Farmhouse Plots

Farmhouse plots in the society are available in the following sizes:

  • 2 Kanal (currently available for booking)
  • 4 Kanal (currently available for booking)
  • 8 Kanal

Project Brochure

You may view/download the brochure below:

Capital Orchards Islamabad Prices and Payment Plan

Following are the latest plot prices in Capital Orchards Islamabad:

Capital Orchards 2 Kanal Farmhouse Price

  • The total price of the 2 Kanal Farmhouse plots is PKR 12,000,000/- but it can be booked with a down payment of 1,800,000/-. Furthermore, PKR 1,200,000/- confirmation charges are also applicable on these plots. The remaining amount can be cleared in 30 monthly installments of PKR 120,000/- or 6 semiannual installments of PKR 400,000/-. Moreover, balloting and possession charges are applicable when demanded by society.

Capital Orchards 4 Kanal Farmhouse Price

  • 4 Kanal Farmhouse plots have a total price of PKR 24,000,000/- whereas the down payment is PKR 3,600,000/-. Confirmation charges are PKR 2,400,000/-. Similarly, you can pay the remaining amount in 30 monthly installments of PKR 240,000/- whereas this amount is PKR 800,000/-. Possession and balloting charges are also payable in the future.

Capital Orchards 1 Kanal Commercial Plot Price

  • 1 Kanal commercial plots of Capital Orchards Islamabad are also available for booking. The total price of these plots is PKR 15,000,000/- whereas they can be booked with a down payment of PKR 2,250,000/-. Confirmation charges for these plots are PKR 1,500,000/- and the rest is payable in 30 monthly installments or 6 semi-annual installments. Similar to residential plots, balloting and possession charges are also due when society demands them.

Capital Orchards Islamabad Payment Plan

Plots for sale in Capital Orchards Islamabad are offered at affordable prices as compared to other same-scale societies. Furthermore, the management has also launched a 3-year installment plan for the facilitation of small and large investors and home-builders. You can easily book your plots with a minimum down payment and the rest can be cleared in installments.

Following is the official payment plan of Capital Orchards Islamabad:

Capital Orchards Islamabad Amenities

Capital Orchard Islamabad offers all the basic and modern amenities that contribute to a luxury lifestyle. The master plan of the society is designed in such a way as to offer world-class amenities at pocket-friendly rates.

The following are the amenities offered by Capital Orchards Islamabad:

All Basic Utilities

The future residents of Capital Orchards Islamabad will enjoy an uninterrupted supply of basic utilities including water, gas, and electricity. Furthermore, all of the mentioned facilities will be provisioned underground to improve the looks of society. Moreover, it will be a load-shedding-free zone due to the independent power plants in the society.

Separate Tracks for Large Farmhouses

Special and separate jogging tacks will be developed for the larger farmhouses in the society, this benefit will be given to 4 and 8 Marla Farmhouses. The residents of larger-sized farmhouses will get independent jogging and walking tracks surrounded by greenery

Solar Grids

As discussed earlier, Solar Grids will be installed in Capital Orchards Islamabad to provide power to different districts of the society including Green Commercial, Farmhouse District, and Villas district. This initiative will not only generate pollution-free energy but also bring to use of sunlight to the benefit of residents.

Water Theme and Wonder Parks

A water theme park will be established in the Lake District along with wonder parks that will act as entertainment spots for families and individuals. Water Park will offer different types of water sports, moreover, wonder park will offer different rides for children and adults.

Green Commercial

Green Commercial is a central commercial area that will serve all the districts of the society. This is a kind of commercial full of greenery and plantation. Green Commercial will house different shopping malls and outlets of national and international brands.

Safari Park/ Safari Race

An international standard Safari Park is also planned by the developers in Capital Orchards Islamabad. It will be home to different animals and residents will be able to enjoy Safari Rides and witness the wildlife in a natural habitat. Furthermore, Safari Races will also be amongst the activities in this Park.

Smart Living Community

DXB Group is committed to introducing smart living features in society similar to Capital Smart City. The residential and commercial sectors of Capital Orchards Islamabad will contain smart and innovative features. Also, the developers are planning to construct smart villas that will offer digital control through devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Eco-friendly Housing Society

All the features of Capital Orchards Islamabad make it an environment-friendly housing project. Overall, the society constitutes a large amount of greenery, plantation, and open areas. Furthermore, A special green commercial is also planned, which would be a new concept in the real estate market of Pakistan.

Organic Farming

Residents of this innovative housing project will enjoy organic living; a dedicated district by the name of Livelihood District will be established in the society that will house fruit and vegetable farms, cattle and poultry farms, and also organic honey farms.

Booking Details

Contact info@Thaikadar.com today, if you are interested in booking your plot in Capital Orchards Islamabad. It is also crucial, that you follow the latest booking procedure that is specified by the management of the society. We will help you identify the best options if you want to invest or build your home here.

We stay with you from start to finish and make the process easy for you! You can contact us via phone at 051-4853620 email at info@Thaikadar.com, or send us your requirements via the website inquiry form!

Documents Required for Booking

The following documents will be required at the time of booking:

  • 2 Passport Sized Pictures of the Applicant
  • NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) if you are an overseas customer
  • 2 copies of CNIC of Applicant
  • 2 CNIC copies of next kin

Booking Procedure

Just follow the simple steps given below to book your plot in Capital Orchards Islamabad:

  • First, fill out the application form with the correct details and recheck for satisfaction.
  • Secondly, attach the CNIC copies of the applicant and next kin with the form.
  • Submit the down payment of your plot in the form of cash, online transaction or pay the order in favor of Capital Orchards Islamabad and keep the receipt.
  • Confirm your payment with the management.
  • Finally, submit the application form along with all the required documents and get the receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Capital Orchards Islamabad

What is Capital Orchards Islamabad?2023-06-12T07:39:14+00:00

Capital Orchards is a forest-themed housing society that combines the latest development techniques with natural elements to produce a nature-enclosed living in the premises of Islamabad. The society aims to provide high-standard life to residents at affordable prices.

What is the major difference between Capital Orchards and other housing societies?2023-06-12T07:40:37+00:00

Unlike other housing societies, the developers of Capital Orchards Islamabad have paid a considerable amount of attention to making it an environment-friendly project with all modern amenities. A major area of the project is specified for greenery.

Where Capital Orchards located?2023-06-12T07:42:16+00:00

Capital Orchards Islamabad is ideally located on Islamabad – Dera Ghazi Khan Motorway M-14. The location is easily accessible from different places in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

What is the NOC status of Capital Orchards Islamabad?2023-06-12T07:43:19+00:00

The management of Capital Orchards Islamabad has already completed the prerequisites for NOC approval. They have submitted all the required documentation and it will be granted soon by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Who are the Developers of Capital Orchards Islamabad?2023-06-12T07:44:39+00:00

DXB Group of Companies is the mastermind behind Capital Orchards Islamabad. They are also the owners of this project. Another enterprise named Shaddock Group of Companies is also working with the DXB group to develop this unique project.

What kind of plots are offered in Capital Orchards Islamabad?2023-06-12T07:46:01+00:00

Similar to other housing societies, Capital Orchards also offer different sizes of plots in the residential, commercial, farmhouse, and villa categories.

What is the development status of Capital Orchards Islamabad?2023-06-12T07:47:26+00:00

The society is currently in the initial stages of development, preliminary work such as ground leveling is being carried out at the society site.

Does the society offer plots in installments?2023-06-12T07:48:40+00:00

Capital Orchards Islamabad has launched a convenient 3-year installment plan to facilitate a maximum number of customers and investors.

How to book a plot in Capital Orchards Islamabad?2023-06-12T07:49:28+00:00

The booking procedure is very easy, and you may contact Manahil Estate to book your desired plot in Capital Orchards Islamabad.


Capital Orchards Islamabad is one of a kind project that offers innovative living, all modern amenities, and close-to-nature living in a desirable location near Islamabad. The main goal of this society is to provide the best living experience to the general public at affordable prices. It is a mixed-use housing society that offers plots for houses, villas, and farmhouses. Moreover, commercial plot cuttings are also available in Capital Orchards Islamabad.

It is a highly-recommended project that presents golden investment opportunities to both small and large-scale investors. Get In Touch with info@Thaikadar.com to get any kind of information related to Capital Orchards Islamabad, contact us Thaikadar.com to book your plots here!

Why You Should Invest in Capital Orchards Islamabad

There is a long list of reasons why you should invest in this emerging housing society. Capital Orchards Islamabad is a perfect option for investors who are looking for profitable investment opportunities. Furthermore, society also provides an excellent place to live a peaceful life.

Here are some reasons you should consider investments in Capital Orchards Islamabad:

  • The prices are very affordable as compared to other societies of the same category.
  • The society is in the initial stages, therefore, plots are offered at pre-launch rates.
  • Capital Orchards Islamabad is located at a highly-anticipated location, easily accessible from different areas.
  • It is a load-shedding-free zone, with independent power plants and solar grids.
  • It offers a wide range of properties including farmhouses, homes, villas, and apartments.
  • The developers are well-known and experienced.
  • Capital Orchards is a perfect mix of innovation and organic living.

Pros and Cons of Capital Orchards Islamabad

Following are the pros and cons of Capital Orchards Islamabad:


  • 24/7 supply of water, gas, and electricity
  • Secure and gated community with boundary walls
  • Environment-friendly housing society
  • The dedicated main entrance and independent access to all districts
  • Prime location, close to different landmarks
  • Healthy and green living
  • Efficient waste management system
  • Central lake
  • Plenty of entertainment facilities


  • Perception of far-away location

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