With 9k Suites Ayubia picture yourself in a serene setting, where each morning greets you with breathtaking views of majestic mountains, towering trees swaying gently in the breeze, and the pure, energizing scent of crisp, mountain air. This idyllic landscape becomes your daily backdrop, a natural masterpiece that soothes your soul and refreshes your senses.

Here, the hustle and bustle of the city feels like a world away, replaced by a serene refuge where you can truly reconnect with the beauty of the great outdoors. Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee on the porch or taking a leisurely stroll through the lush surroundings, this is a place where the wonders of nature embrace you at every turn, making each day a new adventure in serenity.

That’s what 9K Suites Ayubia offers. It’s a special place where you can enjoy the comforts of modern life while being close to nature. Whether you love city life or the countryside, 9K Suites has something for everyone.

9K Suites is an iconic project situated in the heart of Ayubia at a breathtaking location in Galiyat. With its modern-age amenities and magnificent views of the Himalayas, it presents a dream lifestyle with a mixture of the atmosphere of both urban and rural environments in the same place. 9k suites Ayubia is at a height of about 9000 feet and is approximately 25 kilometers away from the noise and chaos of Murree.

This demanding project has a prime location that divides the two main streams of nature. The pipeline track, going to Dunga Gali is right next to the resort, and with breathtaking views from the backyard on the ground level, this resort town is truly unique.

Moreover, 9k Suites provides the best and all modern-age amenities and facilities at this dream location. There are several tourist attractions and visiting points near 9k suites, like:

Breathtaking Points Near 9K Suites

9K Suites Ayubia Master Plan

9K Suites Ayubia is a residential project developed by Muqtadir Qazi. This project offers multiple residential service apartments. The master plan of 9k Suites is planned and designed by a highly skilled and professional team of architects. The Master Plan for 9K Suites depicts that its residents will have access to all necessary and modern facilities. All of these benefits will be offered at the most affordable prices. The developers of 9K Suites provide service units on three floors of 9K Suites Ayubia.
According to the master plan, two lower ground levels provide the following types of service apartments:

The costs of various types of flats vary, and the developers have fixed the pricing based on the size of the sp

Payment Plan

9k Suites offers a really flexible and affordable payment plan. The payment plan for 9k Suites is as follows:

It is also worth noting that the costs of the 9K suites are subject to alter at any moment without notice.

Processing fee for Units of 9k Suites Ayubia:

The payment plan of 9k Suites includes a non-refundable processing fee for all units, as follows: There are some terms and conditions that will be applied that would be according to the booking form of 9k Suites Ayubia.

Studio Apartment Payment Plan

Type Rate per (sqft) Gross Area (sqft) Total Price (PKR) Downpayment 25% 30 Monthly Payments 10% on Possession
LOWERGROUND 2 19,666 290 5,700,000 1,425,000 123,500 570,000
LOWERGROUND 1 20,344 290 5,900,000 1.475,000 127,835 590,000
GROUND 22,413 290 6,500,000 1,625,000 140,835 650,000
TOP FLOOR 24,482 290 7,100,000 1,775,000 153,835 710,000

Deluxe Apartments Payment Plan

Type Rate per (Sqft) Gross Area (Sqft) Total Price (PKR) Downpayment 25% 30 Monthly Payments 10% on Possession
LOWERGROUND 2 22,000 350 7,700,000 1,925,000 166,835 770,000
LOWERGROUND 1 20,322 310 6,300,000 1,575,000 136,500 630,000
GROUND 22,258 310 6,900,000 2,725,000 149,500 690,000
TOP FLOOR 24,516 310 7,600,000 1,900,000 164,6666 760,000

Premium Apartments Payment Plan

Type Rate per (sqft) Gross Area (sqft) Total Price (PKR) Downpayment 25% 30 Monthly Payments 10 Balloon Payment After 6 Months 10% on Possession
LOWERGROUND 2 20,380 525 10,700,000 3,210,000 178,333 321,000 1,070,000
LOWERGROUND 1 22,400 625 14,000,000 4,200,000 233,333 420,000 1,400,000
TOP FLOOR 28,571 525 15,000,000 4,500,000 250,000 450,000 1,500,000

Executive Apartments Payment Plan

Type Rate Per (sqft) Gross Area (sqft) Total Price (PKR) Downpayment 25% 30 Monthly Payments 10% Balloon Payment After 6 Months 10% on Possessive
LOWERGROUND 2 20,500 600 12,300,000 3,690,000 205,000 369,000 1,230,000
LOWERGROUND 1 22,333 600 13,400,000 4,020,000 223,333 402,000 1,340,000
GROUND 25,000 600 15,000,000 4,500,000 250,000 450,000 1,500,000
TOP FLOOR 29,166 600 17,500,000 5,250,000 291,666 525,000 1,750,000

9k Suites Ayubia Amenities and Features:

When it comes to investing in a residential project, the most important factor that investor considers is the amenities and the features provided by the developers. 9k Suites Ayubia provides all necessary amenities and features to its residents. Following are some amenities and features enlisted by 9k Suites Ayubia.

Furnished Apartments:

At 9K Suites, furnished apartments offer the height of nicety. Each bedroom is a tranquil haven that has been carefully created to surround you in a cozy sense of calm. The privacy and convenience of the residents are guaranteed by the design, which creates a place where you can relax and recharge in the best comfort.

Private terrace with apartments

At 9K Suites, enjoy the comfort of the outdoor sanctuary. Because of the creative design of the apartments at 9K Suites, each one has a private terrace where residents can relax in the peace and quiet of their own homes.


9K Suites is aware of the importance of a tidy workplace for the well-being and productivity of its residents. It’s devoted housekeeping staff makes care to follow regular cleaning schedules and promptly attend to any issues that may arise.

Electricity Backup

A reliable electrical backup system is provided by 9K Suites. The cutting-edge backup architecture automatically steps in to keep the operations operating as power fluctuations become a thing of the past.

Front Desk and Lobby

You are welcomed into a world of comfort at 9K Suites by its professional and expert front desk lobby. The staff at the front desk makes sure every contact is defined by customized attention and efficiency out of a commitment to leaving a memorable impression

24/7 Security

Round-the-clock security solution of 9K Suites Ayubia is here to secure the peace of mind of its residents so they can concentrate on what really matters—fostering the success of their company. 9K Suites keeps a close eye on the property with the help of watchful personnel and cutting-edge technology, protecting your office and valuables.


9K Suites puts a high priority on the comfort and convenience of its residents. The cutting-edge elevators at 9K Suites provide a hassle-free experience whether you are starting a new day or touring the building.

Development Updates as of 2023:

We suggest you take advantage of this perfect opportunity and book a secure place in a unique new project to enjoy life with a breathtaking view of the beautiful peaks of the Himalayas serene and peaceful surroundings, along with its modern facilities capture the mood of both a city and natural life.


According to the suites’ summary, 9K Suites would be one of the most powerful social orders in Ayubia after its productive execution. Overall, 9K Suites appears to be a fantastic investment opportunity for both investors and residents. We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity and reserve your spot in an exciting new initiative.

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