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Is the master plan available?2023-05-27T17:40:00+00:00

No, the master plan is not yet available because a team of skilled individuals is working on its development.

When will be the society launched?2023-05-27T17:39:22+00:00

As per the latest information, Multi Gardens Phase 2 will be launched at end of 2022.

Are the bookings of Multi Gardens open?2023-05-27T17:38:26+00:00

Yes, pre-launch bookings are currently open and you should hurry up before bookings close and new prices are unveiled.

Is Multi Gardens Phase 2 an affordable housing society?2023-05-27T17:37:47+00:00

Yes, the society is offering residential plots at wallet-friendly rates. Moreover, all the charges like development charges and utility charges are included in the payment plan.

Does the society offer commercial plots?2023-05-27T17:37:05+00:00

No, it does not offer commercial plots but the management will launch them in the future.

What are the plot sizes in MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2?2023-05-27T17:36:10+00:00

The following residential plots are available in MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2:

  • 5.56 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10.9 Marla
  • 14.22 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
Does Multi Gardens Phase 2 offer residential plots?2023-05-27T17:34:54+00:00

Yes, the society provides a wide range of residential plots.

What are the Past Projects of MPCHS?2023-05-27T17:33:30+00:00

Past projects of MPCHS include:

  • Islamabad Gardens E-11/3
  • Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad
  • Tele Gardens F-17, T and T ECHS F-12/7
  • Multi Residencia and Orchards near M-1 Motorway
What is MPCHS?2023-05-27T17:32:51+00:00

MPCHS is a semi-government entity that delivers investment-friendly real estate projects in the federal capital.

Who are the developers of Multi Gardens Phase2?2023-05-27T17:32:09+00:00

Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society is the developer of this new project. MPCHS is an experienced developer and Town Planner.

Where are Multi Gardens Located?2023-05-27T17:30:30+00:00

Multi Gardens Phase 2 sprawls over a well-demanded area located on main Chakri Road, near M-2 Motorway. It is present right next to the newly launched Faisal Town Phase 2.

Is Multi Gardens Phase 2 an Approved Project?2023-05-27T17:29:43+00:00

It is a new project, therefore, it is yet to obtain NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Is Multi Garden Phase 2 the Extension of MPCHS B-17 Multi Gardens?2023-05-27T17:28:00+00:00

No, it is not the extension B-17 Multi Gardens, it is a new project by MPCHS that comes on Main Chakri Road.

What is Multi Gardens Phase 2?2023-05-27T17:26:40+00:00

Multi Gardens Phase 2 is a new residential housing society by Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). The society is planned to provide excellent living and investment opportunities to the residents of the twin cities.

How to book a plot in 7 Wonders City Islamabad?2023-05-27T17:20:35+00:00

You can invest in 7 Wonders City Islamabad after taking free advice from [email protected]  experts. You can visit us or take information on call by dialing 051-4853620

What is the location of 7 Wonders City in Islamabad?2023-05-27T17:19:34+00:00

It is located on CPEC Route and touches D. I. Khan Motorway. People can access 7 Wonders City Islamabad from Girja Road, Fateh Jang Link.

Is there an installment plan available for 7 Wonders City?2023-05-27T17:18:50+00:00

7 Wonders City provides an option of 4 years easy installment plan. It is available for all the residential plots in the housing society.

What plot sizes are available in 7 Wonders City Islamabad?2023-05-27T17:17:48+00:00

The society currently offers 5 Marla, 7 Marla, and 10 Marla Residential Plots.

What is the concept behind 7 Wonders City Islamabad?2023-05-27T17:17:00+00:00

7 Wonders City is going to provide luxurious living standards and it will have replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World. The society aims to provide luxurious living at an affordable rate.

Is it safe to invest in 7 Wonders City Islamabad?2023-05-27T17:15:58+00:00

The developers of 7 Wonders City Islamabad have vast experience in developing and delivering real estate projects in time. They have delivered multiple housing projects in Karachi in the past, hence we can say that it is safe to invest in 7 Wonders City Islamabad.

What is the legal status of 7 Wonders City Islamabad?2023-05-27T17:15:09+00:00

GFS has already made progress in this regard and they are in constant communication to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) as soon as possible from Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) Fateh Jang. They have all the necessary documents completed and submitted.

Who are the Owners of 7 Wonders City Islamabad?2023-05-27T17:14:27+00:00

7 Wonders City is a housing project by Global Financial Services (GFS) and they have a rich history in real estate development. 7 Wonders City is owned by GFS and Mr. Irfan Wahid is the CEO of the project.

What is Faisal Hills’ distance from Islamabad?2023-05-27T17:11:52+00:00

As Faisal Hills housing project is located in Taxila Rawalpindi. The distance from Islamabad city center is about 14 minutes drive.

Is Faisal Hills going to feature Commercial areas?2023-05-27T17:11:13+00:00

The society has a commercial area that features high-rise projects and a community club.

What are the sizes of plots available in Faisal Hills?2023-05-27T17:10:37+00:00

Faisal Hills Islamabad has to offer a variety of plots and the sizes of the plots depend on their location in a block. Following are the plots offered by Faisal Hills Islamabad are 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.

How many blocks are there in Faisal Hills?2023-05-27T17:09:42+00:00

Faisal Hills consists of 4 blocks namely

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block E (Executive Block)

Executive Block is the newest addition in the housing society. Blocks A, B, and C were already developed.

What is the exact location of Faisal Hills?2023-05-27T17:09:00+00:00

Faisal Hills is located at a prime location of N-5 National Highway. It is near Taxila and it is near the MPCHS B-17 which is a developed housing project. It has direct access to the G.T. Road and which leads to the Srinagar Highway in Islamabad. It is highly accessible from all the major parts of Islamabad and is easy to access from the airport.

Who are the owners of Faisal Hills?2023-05-27T17:08:25+00:00

Faisal Hills is being developed by Zedem International which is owned by Ch. Abdul Majeed. Some notable developments by Zedem International are Faisal Town, Faisal Villas, SEA Square, Faisal Margalla city, Faisal Residencia, and Towers.

Is Faisal Hills a good investment?2023-05-27T17:07:36+00:00

Faisal Hills is currently the most lucrative investment option as prices are expected to rise after balloting. It is a good investment as Margalla Avenue would give the housing project easy access.

Is Faisal Hills an inexpensive housing project?2023-05-27T17:06:05+00:00

Faisal Hills has affordable properties from which investors can easily choose. It is extremely affordable given the prices are low currently. The prices are quite affordable for small families looking to own a home.

How Faisal Hills is unique from all other housing projects?2023-05-27T17:04:37+00:00

Faisal Hills is an affordable option compared to the rest of the housing societies that are located on the foothills of Margalla. It provides a scenic view of Margalla Hills and it serves as a unique selling point for Faisal Hills and sets it apart from the competition.

Is Faisal Hills Islamabad an approved Housing Project?2023-05-27T16:50:16+00:00

Faisal Hills is an approved housing project as it has gotten its NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Does Faisal Town Phase 2 offer commercial plots?2023-05-25T18:25:00+00:00

Faisal Town Phase 2 does not offer commercial plots yet, but the management will launch them soon, most probably after the residential plot booking closes.

Does Faisal Town Phase 2 offer plots in installments?2023-05-25T18:24:14+00:00

Yes, you can purchase plots in easy installments, all the residential plots can be purchased by paying a 20% down payment and the rest can be paid in 18 Installments.

What is the investment potential of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:23:34+00:00

The investment potential of Faisal Town Phase 2 is very high; it offers different variations of plots for investors. Different factors like location, developers, and past projects make it an excellent opportunity.

What are the facilities of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:22:59+00:00

Faisal Town Phase 2 is offering all the contemporary facilities that a leading housing society should provide. It offers a wide range of amenities including basic and modern facilities, healthcare, commercial areas, entertainment facilities, and much more.

Is it an affordable housing society?2023-05-25T18:22:25+00:00

Yes, the society is offering plots at very reasonable rates as of now, the prices are likely to increase after the official launch. So contact us [email protected] and book your plot today.

What plot sizes does the society offer?2023-05-25T18:21:02+00:00

Faisal Town Phase 2 is currently offering residential plots of the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
Who are the owners of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:18:04+00:00

It is a project of Zedem International, which is owned by Chaudry Abdul Majeed, a respectable personality in the real estate sector.

Who is the developer of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:17:31+00:00

It will be developed by Zedem International, which is a subsidiary of Faisal Town PVT Ltd. Zedem has already delivered numerous successful projects like Faisal Hills and Faisal Residencia.

What are the launching dates of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:16:04+00:00

Faisal town was officially launched on 11th October 2022. The launching event was held in Faisal Town C Block at 5:00 p.m.

What is the location of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:14:40+00:00

It is present near Thalian Interchange and possesses direct access from M-2 Motorway Islamabad.

What is the major difference between Faisal Town Phase 2 and other housing projects?2023-05-25T18:14:01+00:00

This project is different from other housing societies in several ways; first of all, it is present at a very accessible location near Capital Smart City. Secondly, it is brought to you by a very experienced developer with plenty of past projects. Thirdly, it offers residents a unique lifestyle and prices within the reach of everyone.

Is Phase 2 an extension of Faisal Town F-18?2023-05-25T18:13:05+00:00

No, it is not an extension of Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad. Faisal Town Phase 2 is an independent project of the Zedem that is located near the Thalian Interchange whereas Faisal Town is present in the F-18 sector of Islamabad.

What is Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:11:13+00:00

It is a new project by Faisal Town Private Ltd and Zedem International. It is yet another project announced by Chaudry Abdul Majeed that offers a variety of plots with excellent amenities and an ideal location.

Is Capital Smart City a good investment opportunity?2023-05-25T10:28:24+00:00

Capital Smart City offers many benefits for investors, including prime location, smart city infrastructure, sustainability, world-class facilities, and strong growth potential. However, like any investment, there are risks to consider as well. It’s important to conduct your research and due diligence before making any investment decisions.

What is the expected completion date for Capital Smart City?2023-05-25T10:27:12+00:00

The expected completion date for Capital Smart City is not currently known. The project is still under development and it may take several years before it is fully completed.

What is the payment plan for Capital Smart City?2023-05-25T10:26:30+00:00

The payment plan for Capital Smart City varies depending on the type of property and the size of the plot. Payment plans typically involve a down payment followed by installments over several years.

What facilities and amenities are available in Capital Smart City?2023-05-25T10:25:19+00:00

It includes a wide range of world-class facilities such as parks, sports facilities, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and education facilities. The project is designed to be environmentally sustainable, with features such as green spaces, rainwater harvesting, and solar energy.

What are the plot sizes available in Capital Smart City?2023-05-25T10:15:39+00:00

The plot sizes available in Capital Smart City range from 3.5 Marla to 8 Kanal.

How many blocks are there in Capital Smart City?2023-05-25T10:09:44+00:00

There are different blocks in society including:

  • Executive Block
  • Overseas Block
  • Overseas Central
  • Overseas East
  • Overseas Prime
  • Overseas Prime 2
  • Capital Hills
  • Harmony Park
  • Farmhouse block
What types of properties are available in Capital Smart City?2023-05-25T09:37:17+00:00

Properties available here include residential plots, commercial plots, villas, and apartments.

What is the NOC Status of Capital Smart City?2023-05-25T09:36:11+00:00

It is duly approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)

Who is the developer of Capital Smart City?2023-05-25T09:35:09+00:00

The society is being developed by Future Development Holdings (Pvt) Limited, a Singapore-based company with a strong track record in developing high-quality real estate projects.

What is Capital Smart City?2023-05-25T09:34:07+00:00

It is a real estate project located near the new Islamabad International Airport in Pakistan. The project is designed to be a smart city, with a focus on technology, sustainability, and world-class facilities.

Is University Town Legal?2023-05-21T12:13:34+00:00

University Town has NOCs from all government departments and authorities. Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) issued NOC RDA: RDA/MP & TE/F – PHS – 43/1873)

How many blocks are planned in University Town Islamabad?2023-05-21T12:12:10+00:00

The master plan of the society consists of six blocks (A – F).

What is the University Town payment plan?2023-05-21T12:11:27+00:00

University Town is offering commercial and residential plots in installments. Investors can book a plot with a 25% payment and pay the rest in easy installments.

Who are the University Town owner and developers?2023-05-21T12:10:22+00:00

Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan is the owner and developer of University Town.

What is the total area of University Town?2023-05-21T12:08:12+00:00

University town has acquired4500 Kanal for the development. It is developing residential and commercial units.

What is the location of University Town?2023-05-21T12:07:19+00:00

University Town is near New Islamabad International Airport. It links with the M-2 motorway.

What are the different residential plot sizes offered in Naval Anchorage Islamabad?2023-05-20T17:26:43+00:00

There are two residential phases of Naval Anchorage Islamabad, i.e., Anchorage Main (Phase 1) and Anchorage Extension. The residential plots offered here are in sizes of 5 Marla, 14 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.

What is the current legal status of Naval Anchorage Islamabad?2023-05-20T17:25:12+00:00

Naval Anchorage Islamabad it’s completely legal as it has gotten its No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Capital Development Authority (CDA). One can easily invest in this housing society without the fear of any legal issues.

Who are the developers of Naval Anchorage Islamabad?2023-05-20T17:23:53+00:00

Naval Anchorage Islamabad is a housing project of the Pakistan Navy, and it is being developed by NESPAK (National Engineering Services). They have an expert team of engineers, architects, and consultants that helped in the development of this project.

What is the prospect of investing in Naval Anchorage Islamabad?2023-05-20T17:22:01+00:00

The true appreciation in the real estate market can be seen once people start moving into the housing society. Naval Anchorage Islamabad is one such example as the future is going to hold a great increase in the prices as the people start moving in. It is also because of its top-notch development that adds value to the property in the future. Unlike other new housing societies, it is conveniently located near Islamabad Expressway.

What is the exact location of Naval Anchorage Islamabad?2023-05-20T17:20:55+00:00

It is located on Naval Anchorage Road which is easily accessible from the Islamabad Expressway making it convenient to commute to different parts of the Twin Cities. It comes in Zone V of Islamabad in Mouza Sihala Khurd and Gangota which is in Zone V of Islamabad.

What is the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society NOC status?2023-05-15T14:59:24+00:00

ICHS Town has approvals from the following regulatory authorities:

  • Tehsil Municipal Administration Fateh Jang
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Environmental Protection Department, Punjab Government
What are the plot sizes available in ICHS Town?2023-05-15T14:57:37+00:00

It is a complete package with different residential options for different classes of society. Following are the options available for investment:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
What is the total area of ICHS Town?2023-05-15T14:56:58+00:00

The society spreads over an area of 5,500 Kanals but the project is expected to expand further in the future as well.

What is the exact location of ICHS Town?2023-05-15T14:56:17+00:00

You can access the location from Fateh Jang Road. It is near the Motorway and Islamabad International Airport. It is ideally located near CPEC Route as well which will become a huge economic benefit in the future for the residents and investors.

Is it good to invest in ICHS Town for profits?2023-05-15T14:55:36+00:00

Within the next 2-3 years, the investors will reap its fruit as this project will develop even further. It is an ideal option for investment for small investors because of Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society installment plan is made flexible. It is being developed keeping in mind the small investors. Once the development work is complete, the prices will go up exponentially.

Does Faisal Margalla City Islamabad offer commercial areas?2023-05-15T14:47:58+00:00

Yes, there are three different projects of importance to note in Faisal Margalla City as commercial areas:

  • Lavish Mall
  • Domination Heights
  • Apex Gold Mall
What are the features offered in Faisal Margalla City?2023-05-15T14:45:54+00:00

Faisal Margalla City is equipped with all the following features and amenities:

  • Wide Streets (40 Ft to 110 Ft)
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • Green Belts for Sustainable Environment
  • Sewage System
  • Underground Wiring for Electricity
  • Gated Community with 24/7 Security
  • Dedicated Commercial Zone
  • Community Center
  • Children’s Play Areas and Parks
  • Health centers
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Jamia Mosque and Mosque in Every Block
Is Faisal Margalla City Islamabad a safe investment?2023-05-15T14:44:31+00:00

Yes, It is one of the safest investments in the real estate market in the Twin Cities because of multiple reasons. It is being developed by Zedem International which has gained a respectable reputation in the market because of its work in MPCHS.

Another reason for it being a safe investment is its location which is directly accessible from Motorway M1. Moreover, the society offers early possession on complete payment as the land acquired is in the name of the owner. All the facilities offered in this housing society are of top-notch quality and all the developmental charges are included in the price of the land.

What are the different size plots available in Faisal Margalla City Islamabad?2023-05-15T14:43:11+00:00

Faisal Margalla City offers different plot sizes that can cater to the majority of the investors in the real estate market. Moreover, the land is in the name of the owner so the possession will not be a hassle for the investors as well. Plots that are available here are: 5.5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10.8 Marla, 14.2 Marla, 1 Kanal

What is the legal status of Faisal Margalla City Islamabad?2023-05-15T14:42:22+00:00

Faisal Margalla City Islamabad is one of those housing societies that got their approval from concerned authorities in their first year of launch. They have obtained their first No Objection Certificate (NOC) from RDA under Letter No. RDA/MP&TE/F-PHS-TAX-07/145. This means that the housing project is completely legal and buyers can invest their hard-earned money in this project.

What is the exact location of Faisal Margalla City in Islamabad?2023-05-15T14:41:40+00:00

it is located in Sector B-17 right next to the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). It can be accessed from MPCHS Sector G service road or Motorway M1. People coming from GT Road can use the gate of Multi Gardens. The society stretches from MPCHS to the foot of Margalla Hills. It provides a scenic view of Margalla Hills making it one of the serene locations in the city to invest in.

Who is the owner of Faisal Margalla City Islamabad?2023-05-15T14:40:30+00:00

It is a project of Margalla City Private Limited that is owned by a private party and Zedem International. The sales and development of the society in Islamabad is being looked after by Zedem International. The owner of Zedem International is Mr. Chaudhary Majeed.

How to Buy a Plot at Faisal Margalla City?2023-05-15T14:39:42+00:00

Since the plots are only available on resale; you need to pay the current market price. If you are interested in buying a plot at Faisal Margalla City, Contact [email protected]. We will search for the best plots according to t0 your exact requirement and be with you from start to finish.

What is the return on investment?2023-05-15T14:32:05+00:00

Bahria Hills Islamabad is a good investment option, as the housing project is under construction and prices would rise on possession.

Who are the developers of Bahria Hills?2023-05-15T14:30:46+00:00

Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. Is the planner and developer of the Bahria Hills Islamabad.

What is the location of Bahria Hills?2023-05-15T14:28:32+00:00

Bahria Hills Islamabad is located on Angoori Road Bhara Kahu and is situated near Bahria Golf City.

Is Bahria Hills Islamabad NOC approved?2023-05-15T14:27:40+00:00

Bahria Hills Islamabad has approved NOC from Capital Development Authority (CDA)

What is Bahria Hills Islamabad?2023-05-15T14:26:01+00:00

Bahria Hills Islamabad is a residential housing project on Murree Expressway near Islamabad.

Why Invest in Bahria Hills Islamabad?2023-05-15T14:24:46+00:00

The main attraction is the location surrounded by a safe and clean environment. Good place for residence and opportunities for the investors of commercial plots. You can reach Islamabad within 15-20 minutes.

An eco-friendly environment that is within reach of all main areas of the Capital city Islamabad. All Modern Amenities and infrastructure is part of the master plan. The luxurious features of a high-end society are all available in this housing project and at good rates.

Are there plots for sale in Bahria Enclave?2023-05-15T14:21:30+00:00

There are plots for sale in Bahria Enclave Islamabad in the sizes of 5, 8, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, and also commercial plots of 4, 5, and 8 Marla sizes.

Is Bahria Enclave a safe investment?2023-05-15T14:19:21+00:00

With the guarantees of Bahria Town and NOC-approved status, Bahria Enclave is a safe investment. Prices in the housing scheme are increasing which speaks of the acceptance and trust of investors.

Is Bahria Enclave a good place to live?2023-05-15T14:18:36+00:00

With the availability of Parks, zoos, Schools, Hospitals, and shopping places: Bahria Enclave is an ideal place to live among the green surroundings and scenic views of Margalla Hills.

Which sector is best in Bahria Enclave Islamabad?2023-05-15T14:17:47+00:00

Almost all the sectors of Bahria Enclave are developed and ready for house construction. Sector A and Sector B are the most populated. However, sectors with 5 Marla plots such as sector H and sector N are popular among buyers.

Is Bahria Town and Bahria Enclave the same?2023-05-15T14:17:01+00:00

Bahria Enclave is a housing project of Bahria Town (PVT) Ltd. In this way, the project is not different from Bahria Town.

How many sectors are there in Bahria Enclave Islamabad?2023-05-15T14:16:29+00:00

There are 16 sectors in Bahria Enclave Islamabad which are named Sectors A, B, C to P.

What is the total area of Bahria Enclave?2023-05-15T14:15:56+00:00

The total area of Bahria Enclave is spread over 12543.11 Kanal. And the master plan is divided into residential, commercial, and recreational areas.

Is Bahria Enclave CDA approved?2023-05-15T14:15:08+00:00

Bahria Enclave is a CDA-approved project and has got NOC from the development authority for the layout plan.

Where is it located?2023-05-15T14:13:48+00:00

Bahria Enclave is located in Zone IV of Islamabad and is accessible from Park Road and Jinnah Avenue. It is a few Km away from Rawal Dam Chowk.

Who are the owners and developers of Bahria Enclave Islamabad?2023-05-15T14:13:04+00:00

Bahria Enclave Islamabad is a project of Bahria Town (PVT) Ltd. which is owned by Malik Riaz Husain. The owners of Bahria Enclave are developing this project in collaboration with Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited.

What is the Location of Bahria Agro Farm Houses?2023-05-15T14:10:22+00:00

Bahria Agro Farm Houses are ideally located on Angoori Road just a few minutes off the Murree Expressway. It lies in Mouza Sakreela, Petha and Bobri which fall under CDA Zone 4, hence it can be called an extension of Bahria Golf City.

Is it safe to invest in Park Enclave from a profit point of view?2023-05-15T14:08:15+00:00
  • Park Enclave is a highly profitable housing society since it is being developed by the CDA itself and it is legally approved as well. It has been profitable since day one and the price trend has always been in the upward direction.
Is Park Enclave Islamabad NOC approved?2023-05-15T14:07:35+00:00
  • Yes, there are no legal issues concerning Park Enclave since it is an approved project of the CDA.
What is the exact location of Park Enclave?2023-05-15T14:06:34+00:00
  • Park Enclave is located near Chak Shahzad at the junction of Park Road and Kurri Road. It is the ideal location for anyone who is looking forward to commuting daily. It is located halfway between all the major landmarks of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
Who are the developers of Park Enclave?2023-05-15T14:05:58+00:00
  • Park Enclave is a project of the Capital Development Authority (CDA).
Why Invest in CDA Park Enclave Islamabad?2023-05-15T14:04:50+00:00

Park Enclave is one of the best investment options due to its location, developer, and living standards. The housing project is being developed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) itself. The main reason for investing in this opportunity is that there will be no legal issues relating to Park Enclave.

The society is surrounded by serene views of the mountains and high-end Park Enclave amenities. With all the living features mentioned above, Park Enclave is the best place to reside in Islamabad. Contact mailto:[email protected]and learn more about the CDA enclave Islamabad plot for sale.

What is the DHA Islamabad contact number?2023-05-15T13:55:44+00:00

You can contact DHA Islamabad on the following available options. Phone: 051 4853620 or email [email protected]

DHA Islamabad is a great place for investment since all the developed phases include properties of all sizes and price ranges. DHA is known for its exceptional infrastructure and community features. All the phases of DHA Islamabad offer residential & commercial plots for sale. One can also buy land and construct a house right away. It is a legal project with NOC approved and properties ready for possession. The rates of DHA properties have always seen an upward trend; this is why DHA Islamabad is a great housing project to invest in.

Get in touch for further information on DHA Islamabad! Feel free to contact us if you want to buy or sell plots in DHA Islamabad!

Are DHA Islamabad plots for sale available right now?2023-05-15T13:54:59+00:00

DHA Islamabad plots are on sale in almost all the phases of DHA. Realtors at Manahil Estate can help you find the best available options.

How to buy a property in DHA Islamabad?2023-05-15T13:54:24+00:00

You can [email protected] to buy the best properties in DHA Islamabad. You can reach the best real estate dealer in DHA by calling 051 4853620

Is DHA Islamabad a good investment?2023-05-15T13:53:07+00:00

If you are interested in investing in the real estate industry, DHA Islamabad is the best option available in the Twin Cities right now. They have a variety of options available from DHA Phase I to VI, and DHA Valley. You can always choose the best option in your budget since the development work in DHA Islamabad is still in progress in some phases.

Who are the developers of DHA Islamabad?2023-05-15T12:49:05+00:00

DHA Islamabad is being developed by Defence Housing Authority itself since it is owned by Pakistan Army and they have deployed best-in-class engineers, architects, and town planners for the development and planning of DHA Islamabad. They have also collaborated with developers like Habib Rafiq Group (HRL) for DHA development.

Is DHA Islamabad approved and a legal project?2023-05-15T13:26:49+00:00

DHA Islamabad is a completely approved project under the DHA Islamabad Act 2013 by the National Assembly of Pakistan and it also comes under the special Presidential Ordinance 2005.

Who owns DHA Islamabad?2023-05-15T13:30:58+00:00

DHA Islamabad is a project of the Pakistan Army and it is owned by the Government of Pakistan.

Is DHA government or private?2023-05-15T13:30:49+00:00

DHA is a welfare housing society for retired Army Personnel and other commercial purposes. It is owned by the Government of Pakistan since the DHA comes under the jurisdiction of the government.

What is the DHA Islamabad Location?2023-05-15T13:31:22+00:00

There are six different phases of DHA Islamabad and each has its location.

  • DHA Phase I is located on the Grand Trunk (GT) Road. DHA Islamabad Phase I spreads over an area of 16,750 Kanals in the southeast of Morgah, Rawalpindi and it is also located near the Attock Refinery. DHA Phase II is ideally located between Islamabad Expressway and GT Road.
  • DHA Phase III is right alongside Zaraj Town and DHA Phase II on Main GT Road. DHA Phase IV is located in a semi-hilly terrain that runs alongside the Soan River and DHA Phase I Orchard Sector C.
  • DHA Phase V is located opposite DHA Phase II on Islamabad Expressway. DHA Phase VI is located near T-Chowk and connects with the Islamabad highway via DHA Expressway.
Is DHA in Islamabad or Rawalpindi?2023-05-15T13:32:56+00:00

DHA comes under the jurisdiction of Islamabad Capital Territory and it is approved under the DHA Islamabad Act 2013 by the National Assembly of Pakistan. Hence, DHA is in Islamabad.

Which phase is best in DHA Islamabad?2023-05-15T13:33:23+00:00

Every Phase has its pros and cons but DHA Phase II is the ideal location to live in as of now because of its location and closeness to mega projects like Giga Mall, and DHA Residencia. Moreover, it is the best location since it is connected with G.T. Road from one end and Islamabad Expressway from the other end. It is accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad alike.

How many phases are there in DHA in Islamabad?2023-05-15T13:33:46+00:00

There are in total 6 phases of DHA Islamabad and DHA Valley.

  • DHA Phase I
  • DHA Phase II
  • DHA Phase III
  • DHA Phase IV
  • DHA Phase V
  • DHA Phase VI
  • DHA Valley
Is there a DHA in Islamabad?2023-05-15T13:36:01+00:00

Yes, there is a Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in Islamabad that comes under the DHA Islamabad Act 2013 approved by the National Assembly of Pakistan.


What documents are required to buy a plot here?2023-05-15T13:36:19+00:00

The buying and transfer process is managed at the society office. There is an elaborate list of documents required listed on the society office, however, the following documents are a must:

  • CNIC of buyers and sellers and photographs
  • All payment receipts
  • Society charges paid receipts
  • Tax document and filer details
  • Sales agreement
Which part of the Gulberg Greens is developed?2023-05-15T13:42:14+00:00

Gulberg Greens Block D and E are 80% developed and the work on the rest of the blocks is also catching up. Especially the blocks near D-Markaz are developing at a fast pace. Commercial areas and high-rise buildings on the sides of the Expressway are developing now.

Samama Star Mall & Residency, Gulberg Arena, and Aries Tower are complete commercial projects whereas Mall of Gulberg, Sky Park, and AJ Towers are developing at a fast pace.

Q- Is it a safe investment with great potential for the future?2023-05-15T09:14:50+00:00

Gulberg Islamabad is one of the few projects in the Twin Cities right now that are going to have huge returns on investment in the future. There are multiple reasons for it being a potential investment for the future:

  • Ideal Location
  • Government-Backed IBECHS Development
  • Fast-paced Development
  • Possession Plots Available for Sale
Who are the developers and owners of Gulberg Islamabad?2023-05-15T13:45:54+00:00

Gulberg Islamabad is a project of the Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad (IBECHS) and they hired Urban Planning and Design Pvt Ltd (UPDL) for the design and crafting of the master plan.

What is the Legal Status of Gulberg Islamabad?2023-05-15T13:46:15+00:00

In the modern-day housing societies in the Twin Cities, Gulberg Islamabad is the earliest housing society to get its legal status from CDA. It is completely legal as it has gotten its NOC from CDA back in 2009 under license no. CDA/PLW-HS (127)/2009/257. It is one of the main reasons for fast-paced development in this housing society as the work was done under complete legal status.

What is the exact location of Gulberg Islamabad?2023-05-15T13:48:11+00:00

Gulberg Islamabad is ideally located on Islamabad Expressway and has direct access through an Underpass from the Expressway. It also connects to Naval Anchorage. OPF housing and Senate housing scheme.

Q- What is the difference between Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia?

Gulberg Greens is located near the Islamabad Expressway and it is dedicated to Farmhouses. The plot sizes in Gulberg Greens are as follows: Jasmine Enclave – 4 Kanal Plots, Rose Enclave – 5 Kanal Plots, Tulip Enclave – 10 Kanal Plots

Whereas Gulberg Residencia is mainly small residential plots compared to Gulberg Greens. The plots sizes in Gulberg Residencia are sizes of 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal

Why Invest in Park View City Islamabad?2023-05-15T08:12:44+00:00

Park View City is undoubtedly an amazing housing society to live in with breathtaking views, all basic and modern facilities, and upscale infrastructure. As the demand for property is going up in Islamabad with influx of population from across Pakistan, such well established housing schemes within capital limits will get the better of other far-flung schemes.

Furthermore, Park View City offers a variety of investment opportunities in its residential and commercial plots. All earlier bookings have renders good profit in the past 2 years, and new investors are likely to gain up to 100% return on their investment by next 3 to 5 years.

Does Park View City offer Plots on Installments?2023-05-15T08:06:39+00:00

Yes, Park View City offers flexible installment plans on residential and commercial plots for the convenience of customers. Installment plans are available in Overseas Block, Golf Estate, and Downtown Commercial.

What is the development status of Park View City?2023-05-15T08:05:03+00:00

Most of the blocks in Park View City are partially or fully developed, and houses are being constructed at a fast pace. Many families have started living A, B and H blocks. Currently development work is going on in Overseas Block, Golf Estate and J Block. See Park View City Blocks above for further information.

Why Park View City Islamabad Prices are higher?2023-05-15T08:03:53+00:00

Property prices at Park View City are comparatively higher than other private housing societies such as Bahria Enclave, and B-17 Islamabad etc. Major factors driving such high prices of Park View City include elevated location, upscale development standards, unmatched amenities, and modern infrastructure.

What does it offer for Overseas Pakistanis?2023-05-15T08:03:15+00:00

Park View City has dedicated an entire separate block named: Park View City Overseas Block to facilitate overseas communities for getting highly profitable property in the heart of Islamabad. Check out the payment plan for plot prices.

Is Park View City a Profit Investment Opportunity?2023-05-15T08:02:10+00:00

According to the current market stats, Park View city is offering great returns on investments. In the past, people purchased plots mostly for residential purpose. However, there is a visible annual increase in the property prices throughout Park View City. Almost 100% price increase is witnessed from the launch of society until the present day.

What Facilities does Park View City Offer?2023-05-15T08:01:22+00:00

All basic and modern amenities are offered at Park View City. Some of the extensive amenities of Park View City are listed below:

  • All basic amenities including electricity, gas, and water supply.
  • Duly Planned Development
  • Dependable Security
  • Gated community – Walled for improved safety of residents
  • Healthcare Services
What is the possession status in Park View City?2023-05-15T08:00:21+00:00

The possession status of blocks differs, as some are already sold out and available in resale. The developed blocks include A, B, D, E, F, H and Downtown Commercial, whereas non-developed blocks include C, J, K, Overseas and Golf Estate.

What are the plot sizes in Park View City?2023-05-15T07:59:27+00:00

Park view city offers residential and commercial plots in addition to apartments and other sub-projects.

Following are the residential plot sizes:

  • 5, 8, 10 Marla and 1 and 2 Kanal residential plots

Following are the commercial plot sizes:

  • 3.5, 5, 6, 8 Marla and 1 Kanal commercial plots
What is the legal status of Park View City?2023-05-15T07:58:00+00:00

Park View City is a legally approved housing society falling under the jurisdiction of Capital Development Authority Islamabad. The NOC is available on CDA website.

Who are the developers of Park View City?2023-05-15T07:56:59+00:00

As mentioned earlier, Vision Group is the developer of Park View City. It is an established development company which has delivered mega development projects in Lahore.

Who owns Park View City?2023-05-15T07:54:50+00:00

Senior Ex-Politician and a successful Businessman Mr. Aleem Khan owns Park View City under the name of Vision Group.

What are the unique features of Park View City?2023-05-15T07:53:13+00:00

The unique feature of Park View City is the abundance of water. It defies the concept of the water problem in the twin cities. Water is accessible at just a few feet under the ground. Furthermore, it is a load shedding free zone enabled through an independent power grid.

Where is the location of Park View City Islamabad?2023-05-15T07:52:22+00:00

Park View City is ideally located in the heart of the federal capital. It is situated on Jinnah Avenue in CDA Zone 4 Islamabad. The society is quite appealing in terms of location and development features.

What is Park View City Islamabad?2023-05-15T07:50:57+00:00

Park View City is a comprehensive and modern housing society that offers residential, commercial plots, and Apartments. Park View City is known for its scenic surroundings, pleasant atmosphere, and modern amenities.

How do I place an order to buy or sell stocks on the Islamabad Stock Exchange?2023-03-22T19:15:08+00:00

You can place your order to buy or sell stocks on the Islamabad Stock Exchange through your brokerage account, either by calling your broker or using an online trading platform.

What should I consider before investing in the Islamabad Stock Exchange?2023-03-22T19:13:57+00:00

Before investing in the Islamabad Stock Exchange, it’s important to understand the market trends and analyze the performance of different companies. Your broker or financial advisor can also provide guidance on which stocks to buy and sell.

How can I invest in the Islamabad Stock Exchange?2023-03-22T19:11:45+00:00

To invest in the Islamabad Stock Exchange, you need to open a brokerage account with a licensed broker, fund your account, do your research, place your order, and monitor your investment.

What is the Islamabad Stock Exchange?2023-03-22T19:10:33+00:00

The Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) is one of the three stock exchanges in Pakistan that provides a platform for investors to buy and sell stocks of publicly-traded companies.

What is the tourism potential in Islamabad?2023-03-16T13:55:45+00:00

Islamabad is home to many historical and cultural sites, such as the Faisal Mosque, Rawal Lake, and the Margalla Hills. This makes it an attractive destination for tourists and creates opportunities for investors in the tourism sector.

What is the current state of infrastructure development in Islamabad?2023-03-16T13:54:49+00:00

The government of Pakistan is investing heavily in infrastructure development in Islamabad, including the construction of new highways, airports, and industrial zones. This development is intended to make the city even more attractive for investors.

What kind of government support is available for investors in Islamabad?2023-03-16T13:53:37+00:00

The government of Pakistan is committed to supporting businesses and investors in Islamabad by providing a range of incentives, including tax breaks, subsidies, and other benefits. This support is intended to encourage investment in the city and promote economic growth.

What is the economic situation in Islamabad?2023-03-16T13:52:18+00:00

Islamabad is the political and economic hub of Pakistan and has seen impressive economic growth in recent years. Its stable political environment and thriving business sector make it an attractive location for investors.

What are the potential opportunities for investors in Islamabad?2023-03-16T13:50:41+00:00

There are several potential opportunities for investors in Islamabad, including the housing, commercial, service, tourism, and education sectors. The city’s growing population, diverse culture, and tourism potential create opportunities in these sectors.

Why should I consider investing in Islamabad?2023-03-16T13:48:06+00:00

Investing in Islamabad can provide great returns due to its growing economy, strategic location, infrastructure development, skilled workforce, and diverse culture. The city’s low cost of living and government support for investors make it an attractive location for businesses looking to establish a presence in the region.

What sectors offer the most potential for investment in Islamabad?2023-03-16T13:01:20+00:00

The sectors that offer the most potential for investment in Islamabad include housing, commercial, and service sectors due to the growing population. Additionally, the city’s diverse culture and tourism potential create opportunities in the tourism sector. Islamabad’s world-class educational institutions provide opportunities in the education sector as well.

What are some reasons to invest in Islamabad?2023-03-16T12:58:53+00:00

There are many reasons to invest in Islamabad, including its growing economy, strategic location, infrastructure development, skilled workforce, growing population, diverse culture, tourism potential, world-class educational institutions, and government support for investors.

Is It beneficial to Invest in The Hash Mall?2023-03-12T16:40:41+00:00

Surely it is beneficial as roughly you will make a profit of 25 to 30% on your investment annually with Hash Mall which will surely increase in value with the passage of time.

Payment Plans or Structure for The Hash Mall?2023-03-12T16:50:55+00:00 has provided the complete information about payment plans and structures related to “The Hash Mall” in projects+ section.

How can I Invest in The Hash Mall?2023-03-12T16:51:10+00:00 providing free quotations and consultations to it’s clients who are interested to invest in “The Hash Mall” located in Bahria Town for a better Return on Investment.

Can I transfer ownership of a vehicle without verification in Pakistan?2023-03-11T16:11:37+00:00

No, you cannot transfer ownership of a vehicle without verification in Pakistan. The verification process is mandatory for all vehicle transactions, including ownership transfer. So check the vehicle’s ownership from this easy to use application named Pakistan Vehicles Verification” .

What should I do if my vehicle verification fails in Pakistan?2023-03-11T16:08:16+00:00

If your vehicle verification fails in Pakistan, you should contact the relevant government authority to inquire about the reason for the failure and the steps required to rectify the issue.

Is there a fee for vehicle verification in Pakistan?2023-03-11T16:07:24+00:00

Yes, there is a fee for vehicle verification in Pakistan. The fee varies depending on the government authority and the type of verification required.

Can I verify a vehicle online in Pakistan?2023-03-11T16:05:49+00:00

Yes, you can verify a vehicle online in Pakistan through the NADRA website or by using the Excise and Taxation Department’s online portal.

How long does it take to verify a vehicle in Pakistan?2023-03-11T16:12:27+00:00

The time it takes to verify a vehicle in Pakistan may vary depending on the government authority’s workload and the number of people waiting for their turn. However, it usually takes a few hours to complete the verification process.

What information can I get from a vehicle verification in Pakistan?2023-03-11T16:02:28+00:00

A vehicle verification in Pakistan can provide you with information such as the vehicle’s registration number, model, make, color, chassis number, engine number, owner’s name, and address.

Is vehicle verification mandatory in Pakistan?2023-03-11T16:01:19+00:00

Yes, vehicle verification is mandatory in Pakistan. All vehicles are required to be verified to ensure their registration and ownership details are accurate and up-to-date.

What documents are required for vehicle verification in Pakistan?2023-03-11T16:00:24+00:00

The documents required for vehicle verification in Pakistan include the original registration certificate (RC), national identity card (NIC), and a copy of the purchase invoice or transfer letter (in case of second-hand vehicle).

How can I verify my vehicle in Pakistan?2023-03-11T15:59:25+00:00

You can verify your vehicle in Pakistan by visiting the relevant government authority’s office, such as Excise and Taxation Department or National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), and providing your vehicle’s registration number and other necessary information.

What is Pakistan Vehicles Verification?2023-03-11T16:15:57+00:00

Pakistan Vehicle Verification is a process to confirm the authenticity of a vehicle’s registration and ownership details in Pakistan. It involves checking the vehicle’s registration and ownership information with the relevant government authorities.

What makes This Hash Mall unique?2023-03-12T16:29:50+00:00

The Hash Mall is one of the prominent Commercial & Residential Projects in Bahria based on the unique theme & structure. This mega project has ground+14 commercial & residential floors having shops, food court, offices & apartments (2 bed & Studio Apartments).

What is the importance of Location for The Hash Mall?2023-03-12T16:30:48+00:00

The Hash Mall is located in the heart of Bahria Town Rawalpindi near Dominion Mall & Lake view junction in Phase 8. The head office near The Hash Mall makes it prominent.

How much is the total covered area of The Hash Mall?2023-03-12T16:31:57+00:00

The Hash Mall covers the area of 35360 sq, one of the mega projects in Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8.

Is it a wise investment in The Hash Mall?2023-03-12T16:32:10+00:00

Yes, the Investment in The Hash Mall is very safe & secure. The Hash Mall is guaranteed to have all legal documentation procedures.

How long will “The Hash Mall” project take?2023-03-10T20:07:32+00:00

This mega project of Hash Mall by Hashi Group of Companies will be completed within 3 years i.e. by 2026.

What is the minimum investment required in The Hash Mall?2023-03-10T20:04:01+00:00

The Hash Mall Bahria Town Phase 8 requires a minimum investment of 15 lac.

What sets apart from other real estate agencies?2023-03-10T20:00:16+00:00

We are committed to providing the best possible real estate experience, with a focus on transparency, honesty, and exceptional customer service.

How do I know if a property is a good fit for me?2023-03-10T20:00:25+00:00

Our agents work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, and help you find properties that align with those criteria.

What if I am interested in investing in real estate?2023-03-10T20:00:42+00:00

We can help you find properties that offer secure and profitable investments, and provide guidance on making the best investment decisions.

How do you determine the value of a property?2023-03-10T20:00:51+00:00

Our team of experts analyzes a variety of factors, including location, market trends, and property condition, to determine the value of a property.

Do you offer property management services?2023-03-10T20:00:57+00:00

Yes, we offer a range of property management services to help you get the most out of your investment.

How do you ensure the accuracy of property information?2023-03-10T20:01:03+00:00

We are committed to transparency and honesty, and we make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information about every property.

What if I have specific preferences for my property?2023-03-10T20:01:10+00:00

We understand that every client has unique preferences and needs, and we work to find properties that fit those criteria.

Do you work with first-time buyers?2023-03-10T20:01:16+00:00

Yes, we work with buyers of all experience levels, including first-time buyers.

How do I get started with finding a property?2023-03-10T20:01:40+00:00

You can start by browsing our website or contacting one of our knowledgeable agents who can help guide you through the process.

What types of properties do you offer?2023-03-10T20:01:34+00:00

We offer a wide variety of properties, including apartments, villas, commercial spaces, and more.