G-16 Islamabad, MIECHS- Ministry of Interior Employees Cooperative Housing Society was first registered in 1984 under the Cooperative Societies Act 1925. The housing society is for workers of the Interior Ministry, so they could easily afford a plot and build their dream home in this locality. It is a CDA-approved sector, and this is the reason that it attracts many investors.

Location of MIECHS

The strategic location of G-16 is the main reason that the people are interested in this sector. MIECHS is located on Srinagar Highway close to the GT Road and Motorway. It is connected to Tarnol Motorway Link Road as well.

G-16 Islamabad is also located near the Islamabad International Airport. The society’s location is the main attraction for the investors as the people are flocking to get plots and houses in this Zone II.

Another highlighting feature of the ideal location of G16 MIECHS is that it is located near the connecting road for Rawalpindi Which means that all the major landmarks of both cities are easily accessible from MIECHS, G-16 Islamabad. The location of this housing project offers great value for money.


MIECHS- G16 can be accessed from all the major landmarks in the Twin Cities, and it makes it a highly lucrative option for the residents of the Twin Cities.

  • Saddar Rawalpindi (30 Minutes)
  • Zero Point Islamabad (35 Minutes)
  • G-11 Markaz (25 Minutes)
  • Quaid e Azam International Hospital (QIH) – (13 Minutes)
  • National University of Science and Technology NUST (20 Minutes)
  • Islamabad International Airport (23 Minutes)
  • Motorway (12 Minutes)
  • Pir Wadhai Morr (18 Minutes)

Nearby Landmarks

G-16 Islamabad, MIECHS- Ministry of Interior Employees Cooperative Housing Society is located near all the landmarks of the city. One of the added benefits of living in G-16 is its location near both the cities. So, the major landmarks of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are easily accessible from G-16 MIECHS.

  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Saddar
  • Zero Point
  • Pir Wadhai Morr
  • Taxila
  • Motorway M1 and M2
  • Westridge
  • Railway Station Rwp
  • Quaid e Azam International Hospital (QIH)

MIECHS Developers

The managing committee ensures the fast-paced development of this project. Moreover, the management committee of the housing project is elected every three years. The management committee also holds annual general meetings to discuss and monitor the development progress of MIECHS, G-16 Islamabad.

The managing committee is appointed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). There are executive members in the managing committee that are responsible for overlooking the progress of the project. These executive members have been working tirelessly to bring great value to the project by ensuring rapid development progress.

Development Status

One of the main reasons that MIECHS it’s becoming immensely popular amongst the masses is its fast-paced development. The project has been in full swing and there are plots available for possession.

Moreover, a small community is already residing in this location which is a testimony of how this project is going to turn out for the future. The development of this project can be witnessed by going to the location physically.

Following are the development pictures of the project:

Legal status of MIECH G-16

It is a completely safe project for investment since it was registered with Circle Registrar Co-operative ICT Islamabad back in 1984 under the Cooperative Societies Act 1925. Since it is the project approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) itself, there is no legal obligation on this housing project.

The layout plan was also approved by the CDA in 2005 and the No Objection Certificate (NOC) was issued in 2010. This project has already gotten its bylaws approved by Circle Registrar Co-operative Housing Societies. All these legal approvals give a sense of satisfaction and trustworthiness to the investor.

MIECHS Master Plan

The layout plan has a resemblance to all the major sectors of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Like many other sectors of CDA, the project is going to have a commercial Markaz, a mosque, green belts, and perfectly divided plots with clear street number allocation.

There is a water channel going directly through the sector which is going to be protected by greenbelts and playgrounds around it. The construction of this project is completely environment friendly because of the inclusion of greenbelts.

The commercial area in the Ministry of Interior Employees Cooperative Housing Society consists of 68.65 Kanals of land. Like every other sector of CDA, MIECHS G-16 is further divided into 4 sectors. According to the official website of MIECHS, there are 1279 residential plots available in this housing project.

Features and Amenities

MIECHS- Ministry of Interior Employees Cooperative Housing Society is a modern-day housing project that is going to be equipped with all the modern facilities to remain relevant to the market.

  • Commercial Markaz
  • 24/7 Availability of Utilities
  • Sui Gas
  • Water Supply by CDA
  • Exquisite Views of Margalla Hills
  • Family Parks and Playgrounds
  • Greenbelts alongside Roads and Water Channel
  • Wide Streets with Street Light Installation
  • Sewage System
  • Spacious Roads
  • Community Center

Plot Sizes

The plot sizes and their prices will be subjective to their location within the sector, but the estimated prices of the plots are as follows:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal


Following are the prices of MIECHS G-16 Islamabad:

Sector Plot Size Dimension Minimum Price Maximum Price
G-16/1 7 Marla 30’60 15 Lac 32 Lac
G-16/1 10 Marla 35’80 30 Lac 65 Lac
G-16/1 1 Kanal 50’90 55 Lac 70 Lac
G-16/1 2 Kanal 70’110 65 Lac 85 Lac
G-16/2 7 Marla 30’60 15  Lac 32 Lac
G-16/2 10 Marla 35’80 30 Lac 65 Lac
G-16/2 1 Kanal 50’90 55 Lac 70 Lac
G-16/2 2 Kanal 70’110 65 Lac 85 Lac
G-16/3 7 Marla 30’60 90 Lac 1 Crore 30 Lac
G-16/3 10 Marla 35’80 1 Crore 35 Lac 1 Crore 65 Lac
G-16/3 1 Kanal 50’90 1 Crore 65 Lac 2 Crore 50 Lac
G-16/3 2 Kanal 70’110 2 Crore 60 Lac 3 Crore 20 Lac
G-16/4 7 Marla 30’60 95 Lac 1 Crore 35 Lac
G-16/4 10 Marla 35’80 1 Crore 45 Lac 1 Crore  75 Lac
G-16/4 1 Kanal 50’90  1 Crore 70 Lac 2 Crore 50 Lac
G-16/4 2 Kanal 70’110 2 Crore 70 Lac 3 Crore 25 Lac


In conclusion, G-16, Ministry of Interior Employees Cooperative Housing Society is a great location for people who are looking to live in Islamabad. This society is next to the Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society.

G-16 Islamabad offers great value for money Since the project is completely developed by the CDA itself and they appoint a management committee for this purpose. Different events are held all over the year making it an active housing project.

People have already moved to this sector and there are many commercial and residential plots under construction as well. It is a great investment opportunity for the residents of the Twin Cities because of its ideal location and CDA approved status.

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