Mivida City is the first sustainable city of Pakistan located at main Chakri Road Islamabad. In addition to residential and commercial options, it offers public and resorts life. Furthermore, Mivida City aims to become a self-reliant society with smart progress and management.

Similar to Capital Smart City, Mivida City Islamabad follows the city within a city concept. Eco-friendly features and modern architecture make it a unique community. M-2 motorway, New Islamabad Airport, and future Rawalpindi Ring Road are near the society.

Residents will not only enjoy an excellent lifestyle and high-end amenities but also a natural environment.  Khanial builders, in cooperation with Banu Mukhtar and Meinhardt Group, will develop this innovative project.

Inspired by the Meinhardt Singapore, Mivida provides excellent amenities, highly self-providing infrastructure, and a lush green environment. It is going to be the most futuristic real estate project in Pakistan in the coming years. Mivida truly is a dream come true for residents of twin cities!

Developers of Mivida City Islamabad

Mivida is a megaproject that comes under Khanial Homes, a venture of Khanial Builders Pvt Ltd. The master planning, urban development, eco-sustainable design, and architecture responsibilities are fulfilled by the Meinhardt Group. Established back in 1955, Meinhardt possesses a history of successful modern-age real estate projects.

The construction is carried out by Banu Mukhtar, operating in Pakistan since 1964. They are nationally known for on-time project delivery and uptime quality of their hallmarks.

Well-established developers with plenty of past projects, so they are expected to deliver more than expected!

Mivida City Islamabad Development Status

  • Mivida city is in the initial stages of development. Preliminary development like earthwork is continued at sector S2, Block-C of Mivida, adjacent to Chakri Road.
  • Moreover, work on the signal-free main boulevard is also underway.
  • Grand Jamia Masjid and self-sustaining elements are also under development.
  • Work on the main access road is also being carried out in the society.

Following are some pictures of development work at Mivida:

Mivida City Islamabad Location

Mivida City encompasses a prime location in Islamabad. It is ideally located on main Chakri Road between Capital Smart City and Blue World City. A few kilometers from the New Islamabad International Airport. Beautiful landscapes combined with majestic Margalla Hills offer a serene living experience.

Mivida City connects to numerous main boulevards of twin cities, making it a great society to invest in. It is surrounded by many shopping malls, educational institutes, commercial centers, and much more.

It covers a prominent area that will be linked to many essential sites after Ring Road completion. Its presence on the CPEC route doubles the importance of location. The location of this appealing project grabs the attention and interest of investors and customers alike.

Take a look at the location map below for a better understanding:

Nearest Landmarks

Many essential landmarks are present in the proximity of Mivida City Islamabad:

  • New Islamabad International Airport is located 30-40 minutes from its location. It can be accessed via the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 route.
  • Mivida City is just 12 minutes away from the Chakri Interchange Exit.
  • You can access Thalian Interchange via multiple routes.
  • Thalian Interchange is 45-50 minutes via AH1 Road, M-2 Motorway, and Chakri Road.
  • Khanial Homes block A lies in the neighborhood and hardly takes 5 minutes to reach.
  • Capital Smart City is about 11 minutes, and Blue World City is about 5 minutes from its location.
  • Morat Road can be accessed via M-2 Motorway in 20-25 minutes.
  • Proposed Ring Road is 15 minutes away from Mivida City.
  • Moreover, Sector G-15 Islamabad and Fateh Jang Road are also located close to Mivida City.

Mivida City Islamabad Total Area

Mivida City Islamabad Claims to possess the biggest land ownership for a residential project in Islamabad. Currently, 50,000 Kanal of compact land is acquired, and 50,000 Kanal extensions are planned in the future.

Phase 1 of Mivida City spans over 12,136 Kanal and currently undergoing pre-development activities.

Legal Status and NOC

NOC and approval of Mivida City Islamabad are under review by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. It is not approved yet, but the preliminary development pace indicates NOC and approval soon.

Moreover, legal land acquisition and proper development plans are two other reasons to expect NOC soon.

Mivida City Islamabad Features

Mivida City Islamabad is enriched with never-before-seen features and amenities for unequaled comfort and peace. Its design fulfills the requirements of residents and provides high-end amenities on a permanent basis.

An innovative approach and advanced real estate development make it stand out from its competitors. Features at Mivida City surpass many uptime-housing schemes of Pakistan. Best urbanization techniques and exclusive amenities are sure to make Mivida a dream living destination.

Here are all the features that make Mivida one of the best societies to live and invest in:

Eco-Friendly Features

Mivida is planned and designed keeping the environment and surrounding under keen consideration, the eco-friendly features are:

  • Low Carbon Emissions
  • Less Water Consumption
  • Intelligent Rain and Storm Water Collection (Ponds), Storage and Management
  • WWTP: Wastewater Recycling and Treatment Plant
  • WTP: Water Treatment Plant
  • WCT: Water Conversation Plant
  • Environment-friendly renewable energy sources: Windmills, Solar and Bio Plants
  • Aqueducts Recharge Ponds: Artificial Recharge of Underground Aqueducts
  • Passive Cooling Bio-domes: For Sub-terrain Cooling in the most conservative way
  • Wastewater recycling through Bio-Filtration
  • In-Built Grey Water Management System in infrastructure
  • Centrally Managed Waste Management infrastructure

SMART Features

Smart features will be implemented in society for premium comfort and worry-free life. Smart progression features include:

  • Smart Surveillance and Security system for uninterrupted security
  • Smart Power Grids for generation of conservative energy
  • Smart monitoring and metering system for energy usage
  • An automated street lighting system
  • Smart traffic management system with agile passage finding
  • Smart Parking Lots
  • Convenient Electric Car charging stations and points throughout the society
  • Smart Hazard management and prediction system
  • Optimal resident platform and portals for timely assistance
  • Intelligent Air pollution control arrangement

Unparalleled Amenities

Mivida takes the lead when it comes to the provision of luxury and amenities to residents. The society offers basic and advanced amenities, some facilities are new for the people of twin cities.

Following are the amenities of Mivida City which make it the most desirable place to live:

Basic Amenities

  • Uninterrupted and underground provision of electricity, gas, and water supply
  • Medical Complexes with the latest equipment and professional experts, wellness centers, and clinics throughout the society
  • Multiple functional educational institutes like universities, colleges, and schools
  • Each Sector includes an independent Markaz (Central) Commercial hub to cope with all necessities of life
  • Mosques and Islamic education centers for closeness to the Almighty and religious practices
  • Independent Shuttle bus service operating within the society for easy conveyance
  • Banks, Utility offices, general stores, and much more to eliminate the need leaving the society
  • Fire Stations, security stations to cope with any possible emergencies

Entertainment Amenities

  • Parks and children’s playgrounds for great outdoor entertainment
  • Multipurpose halls to host different events
  • Cafes, restaurants, and hotels in different areas of society
  • Support complex to promote sports
  • Cricket grounds and clubs to uplift new talent
  • Apex Aquarina, gaming zone, cinemas, and gymnasiums for premium enjoyment
  • Museum of National History
  • Tree Top Walkways for tree enthusiasts
  • Birds Aviary at the Mivida Avian Park
  • Butterfly house for close to nature experience

Advanced Amenities

  • Mivida Pet services including grooming and medical centers
  • Agricultural Tourism Camp and Botanical Garden within the society
  • Mivida Dairy will provide pure dairy products to the residents
  • Tissue Culture Lab to provide disease-free vegetables and fruits for everyone
  • An organic approach to health assurance

Master Plan of Mivida City

Mivida City Islamabad has prepared a highly innovative and futuristic master plan layout for society. 50,000 Kanal will be developed now, and the project will be extended to 100,000 Kanal. This smartly planned society is divided into different sectors and blocks, filled with modern-day amenities for life.

Attractive Neighborhood centers (Markaz) will be developed within sectors. Every neighborhood will get easy access to all facilities at 10-15 minutes walking distance. Every neighborhood will constitute:

  • A mosque
  • Independent Commercial Area
  • School
  • Park and Children Play Area
  • Community Facilities

Mivida follows “city within a city” concept. Independent integrated systems will be developed, and a natural environment will be maintained. Long-term self-sustainability will ensure independence on the external resources. Multiple cities will are planned inside Mivida:

  • Eco City
  • Education City
  • Business City
  • Golf Club and Lake City
  • Administrative and Amenity City
  • Outlets and Shopping Malls
  • Retail Commercial Zones
  • Neighborhood Markaz
  • Farmer Markets

The residential portion of Mivida City Islamabad is divided into different plot sizes mentioned below:

  • 5.5 Marla: 139 Yards (25*50)
  • 8 Marla: 200 Yards (30*60)
  • 10 Marla: 253 Yards (35*65)
  • 14 Marla: 350 Yards (42*75)
  • 20 Marla: 500 Yards (50*90)
  • 40 Marla: 1,000 Yards (75*120)

Although a proper master plan is not released by the management, here are some basic images to get an idea about the layout:

Prices and Installment Plans

Mivida City Islamabad offers residential and commercial plots, modern business/ commercial areas. Additionally, it offers chalet living, waterfront resorts, organic farmhouses, luxury Villas, and low and high rise Apartments. Currently, residential plots are offered with pre-launch rates.

Mivida introduced easy installment plans for residential plots. The total price can be completed in 3.5 years with 14 quarterly installments after 10% down payment.

  • Customers can avail of a 10% discount on complete payment.
  • Similarly, 5% discount can be availed on half payment.
  • 10% Extra charges will be applicable on category plots.
  • In addition to the above, a 15% extra amount will be charged for main boulevard plots.
  • Confirmation charges should be cleared within 1 month of booking.
  • 1st installment is due within 3 months of booking.
  • All the mentioned prices are exclusive of development charges.

Following is the payment plan of Mivida City:

Booking Details

Before investing, it is necessary to check the availability of your favorite plot, specifications, and neighborhood. A duly filled application form with needed documents is to be submitted along with the booking fee.

This process is time-consuming and requires effort. Thaikadar.com is here to assist you through the process and entertain your concerns about Mivida City. Contact us for real estate assistance. We are happy to help you!


Mivida City takes the lead due to its unmatched infrastructure, self-sustainable environment, and exclusive amenities. It will be the most futuristic mega housing project in Islamabad. If you are looking for excellent amenities and a peaceful lifestyle, Mivida is the best choice for you!

Moreover, the residential and commercial sections are an exciting investment opportunity with high yield returns. It has gained considerable importance due to its master plan and unique features.

Mivida is likely to gain more attention from customers and potential clients as it gets approval. It will be a golden jewel in Islamabad if the developers succeed in acquiring what they’ve promised.


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