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Faisal Town Phase 2

Sehrish Nadeem

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Faisal Town Phase 2 is finally launched by Zedem International and Faisal Town (PVT) Ltd. It is yet another fine housing scheme by Chaudhry Abdul Majeed. He revealed the details of this spectacular project a few months ago, and now, it is officially launched.

Faisal Town Phase 2 is another major housing society by Faisal Town (PVT) Ltd. Chaudry Abdul Majeed is the owner and developer of this new phase of Faisal Town. There were rumors of a different project name i.e. Faisal Meadows for this scheme, however, the developer decided to go with this name. This new venture of Zedem International is located close to Thalian Interchange.

Faisal Town PVT Ltd has emerged as a gem in the real estate industry of Pakistan and delivered multiple successful projects. Due to trust in their name ad increased demand for a new scheme from the investors, they are launching Faisal Town Phase 2. It is located in an excellent location similar to previous projects from the developer. It is developing near Thalian Interchange, with direct access from M-2 Motorway.

It is a new project; hence it is in the process of getting NOC from the concerned authorities. However, the developer has already acquired the land, so there won’t be any problem in acquiring the NOC. According to sources, on-site development will start soon. The project has been planned to make it affordable for everyone, enabling even low-income buyers to purchase plots and construct homes.

Faisal Town Phase 2 Official Launch

Faisal Town Phase 2 was officially launched by the management on 11th October instead of 12th October 2022. Bookings were opened before the launching event and plots are available at pre-launch prices. However, new rates are introduced by society that will be implemented soon.

Faisal Town Phase 2 Location

Investors and end-users, both are concerned about the location of a housing project to save from losses and get the best value for their investments. As for Faisal Town Phase 2, it is developing in a very scenic and eye-catching landscape. It sprawls over a highly accessible and demanded location near Thalian Interchange. It is situated between Thalian Interchange and Capital Smart City Housing Society.

The front of this society spans over 8 kilometers on the Motorway (M-2). Furthermore, it is also just a few kilometers away from Chakri Road. Defense Road is accessible within 5-7 minutes from its location. Islamabad International Airport is also very close to this location. Moreover, different housing schemes are also developing in the neighborhood of Faisal Town Phase 2.

Faisal Town Phase 2 Location Map

Faisal Town Phase 2 is placed between two major interchanges, the Thalian and Chakri Interchanges. The location is very peaceful and tranquil away from the fuss of a busy city and still close to all the facilities.

Following is the location map of the project:


Faisal Town Phase 2 is accessible from different places as given below:

  • 30 minutes from Chakri Interchange
  • 5 minutes from Thalian Interchange
  • 15 minutes from M-2 Motorway
  • 20 minutes from Islamabad International Airport
  • 28 minutes from Top City and Mumtaz City Interchange
  • 30 minutes from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange
  • 29 minutes from Faizabad Rawalpindi
  • 20 minutes from Islamabad City
  • 19 minutes from Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital
  • 20 minutes from N-80
  • 9 minutes on Girja Road
  • 33 minutes from M-14

Nearby housing Societies

Total Land Area

According to the officials of Faisal Town, they have already acquired 25000 Kanal of land for the development of Faisal Town Phase 2. Moreover, it will be extended to almost 100,000 Kanal in the future.

Faisal Town Phase 2 NOC and Approval

Faisal Town Phase 2 is yet to obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the authorities because it is a new project. However, approval is expected soon from the administrative authorities. Considering the history of previous projects of Faisal Town developers, it won’t take long to get approval. Furthermore, the developers have successfully acquired the land for its development. Therefore, it shouldn’t take long for the NOC from the concerned authorities.

Investors and customers trust the projects of Zedem International because they have delivered completely legal and high-quality projects in the past. However, it is a recommended practice to check for the NOC and legal status of any housing society before investing.

Faisal Town Phase 2 Developers

Faisal Town Phase 2 is yet another residential project of Faisal Town PVT Ltd and it will be developed by Zedem International. Chaudry Abdul Majeed is the owner of both of these prestigious companies and is developing this society with an experienced team. The project has managed to grab the attention of investors in the pre-launch phase.

Chaudry Abdul Majeed is a very respectable and trusted personality in the real estate sector of Pakistan. He played a major role in the development of MPCHS Multi Gardens, E-11, F-17, and multi-orchard housing schemes.  He founded Zedem International after years of experience in real estate development.

Local as well as overseas investors trust him due to his legacy of developing and delivering successful projects. Zedem International is committed to making this project successful in every aspect. It is likely to stand amongst the most prominent housing societies in this area.

Past Projects of Developer

Multiple housing ventures are functioning under the umbrella of Zedem International and Chaudry Abdul Majeed:

  • Faisal Town
  • Faisal Hills
  • Faisal Residencia
  • Faisal Margalla City
  • Faisal Tower
  • Faisal Villas
  • SEA Square B-17 Islamabad

Development Update and Site Images

Initial development has already started at the site of the project. Currently, heavy machines can be seen working on Faisal Town Phase 2. Groundwork is initiated as you can see in the images given below:

Faisal Town Phase 2 Master Plan

Faisal Town Phase 2 master plan is developed by a team of professional experts, civil engineers, and town planners. After the official launch, we will witness the master plan of Faisal Town Phase 2. The master plan of Faisal Town will enable it to stand on top amongst the most in-demand housing societies of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. High-quality infrastructure and world-class amenities will be the characteristics of the project. Both residential and commercial properties will be offered here. We will share the master plan as soon as the developer reveals it.

Plot Sizes

Faisal Town Phase 2 is offering multiple sizes in the residential and commercial categories. Given Below are the plot sizes:

Residential Plots Sizes

Following residential plots are offered in the society:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 01 Kanal
  • 02 Kanal

Commercial Plot Sizes

Commercial plots are not yet launched by the society, but they will be added to the inventory of Faisal Town Phase 2.

The following commercial plot sizes will be offered:

  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal
  • 16 Kanal

Salient Features

Faisal Town Phase 2 consists of numerous unique features; a few of them are as below:

  • A highly-accessible location
  • Located in a fast-developing area
  • Plots are available at very reasonable rates
  • Society will be developed as per the international standards
  • Surrounded by a beautiful landscape
  • Eco-friendly housing project
  • Furnished with all basic and advanced amenities
  • Easy installment plan
  • State-of-the-art infrastructural development

Facilities and Amenities of Faisal Town Phase 2

Different housing societies offer different amenities to their residents. As for Faisal Town Phase 2, it offers all the contemporary amenities for a luxury lifestyle. All the basic and modern amenities are part of the master plan. Customers of society will enjoy all the features of society at wallet-friendly rates.

All basic utilities

Faisal Town Phase 2 will provide the basic facilities that are required for a peaceful living which includes water, gas, and electricity. All of the facilities will be available 24/7 to the residents of the housing development. Moreover, the developers have planned underground provision of the basic utilities to improve the overall beauty of the project.

Environment-Friendly Housing Project

Today, investors and home builders are more aware of the impact of urban areas on the environment. They prefer housing projects that are closer to nature and greenery. Therefore, developers have specified almost 45% of the total land area for plantations and trees. So, the society will not only provide a natural atmosphere to its residents but also contribute to the betterment of the environment.

Water Reserves

Water is the most common problem in many areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Luckily, the land acquired for this project consists of plenty of underground water. Moreover, water storage will be developed in society to store rainwater. Water tanks will be placed in different blocks of the society to ensure a steady water supply to inhabitants. Water filtration plants will be installed in multiple locations to provide pure drinking water.

Commercial Sectors

Any housing society is incomplete without proper commercial centers. It will be equipped with top-notch commercial areas and business hubs. Residents will find shopping centers, shops, national and international brand outlets, and all daily necessities in these commercial areas. All residential blocks will constitute central commercial areas along with smaller markets throughout the housing society.

Educational Institutes

Education is the primary need of everyone today. Branches of leading schools and colleges will be established in this project. So, residents won’t have to leave the comfort of their living area to get high-quality education for their children. Moreover, different universities are also present near the location of Faisal Town Phase 2.


Developers of Faisal Town Phase 2 are planning to develop a state-of-the-art hospital in the society. It will be equipped with modern equipment and highly-skilled doctors from different healthcare domains. Residents will get the latest healthcare facilities here.

Secure Gated Community

It will be a gated community with boundary walls on all sides. Moreover, the entrance gates will be secured with security personnel and CCTV surveillance. Furthermore, the main boulevards and roads of society will also be supervised via CCTV cameras. This will ensure the safety and security of residents.

Parks and Playgrounds

As we’ve told you earlier, 45% of the area will be left for greenery and open spaces. Parks and kid’s playgrounds will be established in this area to provide entertainment spots to families and children. The residents will be able to enjoy their leisure time in these parks. These parks will be equipped with open-air gyms and jogging tracks.

Wide Main Boulevard and Roads

Main Boulevard and roads of the society will be 40 feet to 270 feet wide, developers of Faisal Town Phase 2 understand the need for wide roads and streets. They maintain a steady traffic flow and prevent traffic jams. Road infrastructure will be designed to accommodate a large number of vehicles at a time. Moreover, proper lamp posts will be installed on all roads and streets.

Modern Infrastructure

Today, housing societies in Pakistan and urban projects all around the world are opting for modern and smart infrastructure. Developers of Faisal Town Phase 2 are committed to providing modern infrastructure projects to its residents.

Sewerage System

A fully maintained waste disposal and sewerage system will serve its residents. This system will efficiently manage all the waste created in society and dispose of it off properly. Garbage disposal vehicles will collect the garbage from homes and commercial units regularly. This way society will stay neat and clean and also contribute to the environment through the proper disposal of waste.

Sports Facilities

Different types of sports activities will be provided. Sports enthusiasts will find dedicated courts and grounds for sports such as cricket, basketball, and football. Sports grounds will be equipped with facilities to promote sports activities.

Faisal Town Payment Plan

The prices of plots are very affordable for investors and end-users. The payment plan is very convenient and also consists of an easy installment plan. You can book your residential properties in Faisal Town Phase 2 by paying just a 20% down payment; the rest of the amount can be paid in 18 installments.

Following is the latest payment plan as provided by the management:

Installment Plan

Given below is the detailed installment plan of the society:

Prices are subject to change as per the policies of developers, you may contact us [email protected]  to get the latest rates of plots in Faisal Town Phase 2. The prices will be revised a few days after the launch, due to the high demand for plots.

Faisal Town Phase 2 Plot Prices

5 Marla Plot Price

  • The total price of 5 Marla plots is PKR 27,95,000 and the down payment is PKR 595,000

8 Marla Plot Price

  • 8 Marla plots are available for PKR 38,25,000 and they can be booked with a down payment of PKR 725,000.

10 Marla Plot Price

  • 10 Marla plots can be booked by paying PKR 845,0000 as a down payment whereas the total price is PKR 49,25,000.

12 Marla Plot Price

  • The total cost of 12 Marla plots is PKR 60,95,000, however, you can book them for PKR 11,25,0000.

1 Kanal Plot Price

  • 1 Kanal plots are available for PKR 80,55,000 and the down payment is PKR 12,65,000.

2 Kanal Plot Price

  • 2 Kanal plots are available for PKR 1,50,95,000 and they can be booked with PKR 15,55,000


Note: There are a total of 18 installments for all plots and installment amounts are as follows:

  • 5 Marla: PKR 120,000
  • 8 Marla: PKR 170,000
  • 10 Marla: PKR 225,000
  • 12 Marla: PKR 275,000
  • 1 Kanal: PKR 375,000
  • 2 Kanal: PKR 750,000

Discount Offer

Buyers can get a 20% discount on lump-sum payments for their plots.

Booking Details

Contact [email protected] to book your plot in Faisal Town Phase 2. You can reach out to us via phone at 051 4853620, email us at [email protected]or submit your inquiry through our website form. Keep in mind that the inventory of residential plots is very limited, so, you should act fast and contact us now to book your plot in this excellent and high-yield project of Faisal Town Private Limited.

How to book plots in Faisal Town Phase 2?

The booking procedure is rather simple; just follow the given steps to book your plot easily:

  • Contact a reliable agency such as
  • Provide the details and required documents
  • Provide the payment order or receipt of payment made in favor of Faisal Town PVT Ltd
  • We will submit the form, and provide you with a file once the society delivers

Documents Required For Booking

You may get in touch with us for booking your plots in Faisal Town Phase 2 or other leading societies of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We provide the best guidance, investment advice, and options as per your requirements.

You should have the entire following document for successful plot booking:

  • 2 passport-size pictures of the applicant
  • Picture of next to kin
  • NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) in case you are overseas residents
  • 2 copies of CNIC
  • 2 copies of CNIC of next kin

Booking Procedure

The booking procedure is quite simple for people who are familiar with it, but it might sound confusing to many people. It is recommended that you contact us for booking, we’ll the booking easier for you.

Follow the given procedure to book your plot in Faisal Town Phase 2:

  • Fill out the application form with all the necessary details.
  • Attach all the required documents with the application form.
  • Deposit the down payment in favor of Faisal Town Phase 2. You may use a cheque or pay order for the payment.
  • Confirm the payment with the management of the society.
  • Submit the documents along with the payment receipt.

Bookings Status

Faisal Town Phase 2 bookings started selling out instantly after the release, 5 and 8 Marla plot bookings were the first ones to be sold out in a short time. The society is no longer offering 5 and 8 Marla bookings. However, bookings of larger plot sizes including 10 Marla, 14 Marla, and 1 and 2 Kanal are still open. Mentioned plot bookings are available at pre-launch prices, new prices are announced by the developers but they are not implemented as of yet

The best time to book your plots is now; you may contact us to book your plot in society!

Revised Prices

The new prices are already announced by Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, however, they are not yet implemented so you can book your plots at the old prices. Keep in mind that 5 and 8 Marla plots are already sold out but you can go for 10 Marla and larger options. All of the bookings are expected to sell out shortly due to the increased demand for Faisal Town Phase 2.

Most probably, the following will be the new prices according to Faisal Town management:

  • The old price of 5 Marla plot is PKR 2, 75,000/- and the new price will be PKR 3,490,000
  • The new price of 8 Marla is going to be PKR 4,820,000/-, however, the old price was PKR 3,825,000/-
  • 10 Marla pre-launch price is PKR 4,925,000/- and the after-launch price is 6,280,000/-
  • Pre-launch price of 14 Marla plot is 6,095,000/- and the new price is PKR 7,860,000/-
  • 1 Kanal plots are available for PKR 8,055,000/- but the new price is 10,530,000/-
  • The current price of 2 Kanal Plot is PKR 15,094,000/- and the new price according to management will be PKR 20,050,000/-

Note: The new down payment for each plot will be 20% of the total price.

Why You Should Invest in Faisal Town Phase 2?

There are multiple benefits to investing in Faisal Town Phase 2. This society presents an equally good opportunity for investors as well as people who want to build their homes.

Listed below are some of the reasons you should invest here:

Excellent Location and Neighborhood

The location of Faisal Town Phase 2 is a great factor contributing to the success of the society. It is present near Thalian Interchange; this area is getting more exposure due to several housing societies developing nearby. Moreover, the property prices in this area are increasing steadily depicting good returns on investment in this project. Also, all the facilities are available in the surroundings of this project.

Trusted and Experienced Developer

Faisal Town Phase 2 is the second phase in the series of Faisal Town, it is presented by one of the most successful and trusted developers of the real estate sector. The project falls under the portfolio of Faisal Town Private Limited, and it will be developed by Zedem International. Both of these firms as well as this newly launched project is owned by Chaudry Abdul Majeed, who is a respectable personality in the real estate industry. The developer has a legacy of successful projects including Faisal Town, Faisal Hills, Faisal Residencia, and more.

Affordable Society

Faisal Town Phase 2 is developed to facilitate the low and middle-income people of the society. There are different plot sizes to facilitate the different requirements of property buyers. Moreover, the prices are economical and come with an easy installment plan. Furthermore, a 20% discount is also offered in case of lump-sum payments.

High Yield Investments

Society is currently in the pre-launch stages, so the prices are very affordable. The best time to invest is now because the rates are lowest at this time and investment now will prove to be very fruitful in the future. Moreover, numerous other factors contribute to making the project investment friendly like location, developers, and their past performance.

World-Class Amenities

Developers are committed to providing all the basic and advanced amenities to the residents. The society will provide a close-to-nature environment in addition to smart features and world-class amenities. In short, the facilities of society will give rise to a well-maintained and peaceful life.

Pros and Cons

Every project has some advantages and some disadvantages, the advantages are much more than the disadvantages in the case of Faisal Town Phase 2. Given below are the pros and cons:


  • 24/7 supply of basic utilities including water, gas, and electricity
  • Excellent Location
  • Accessible from different areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi
  • Highly Experienced Developer
  • Land acquired for the society
  • Safe and secure comprehensive society
  • Wide roads and streets
  • 24/7 Maintenance
  • Waste Disposal System
  • Gated Community
  • Healthy and Natural Atmosphere
  • Environment-friendly society
  • Good Investment Potential
  • Ideal for living


  • Prices Perception is high


What is Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:11:13+00:00

It is a new project by Faisal Town Private Ltd and Zedem International. It is yet another project announced by Chaudry Abdul Majeed that offers a variety of plots with excellent amenities and an ideal location.

Is Phase 2 an extension of Faisal Town F-18?2023-05-25T18:13:05+00:00

No, it is not an extension of Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad. Faisal Town Phase 2 is an independent project of the Zedem that is located near the Thalian Interchange whereas Faisal Town is present in the F-18 sector of Islamabad.

What is the major difference between Faisal Town Phase 2 and other housing projects?2023-05-25T18:14:01+00:00

This project is different from other housing societies in several ways; first of all, it is present at a very accessible location near Capital Smart City. Secondly, it is brought to you by a very experienced developer with plenty of past projects. Thirdly, it offers residents a unique lifestyle and prices within the reach of everyone.

What is the location of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:14:40+00:00

It is present near Thalian Interchange and possesses direct access from M-2 Motorway Islamabad.

What are the launching dates of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:16:04+00:00

Faisal town was officially launched on 11th October 2022. The launching event was held in Faisal Town C Block at 5:00 p.m.

Who is the developer of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:17:31+00:00

It will be developed by Zedem International, which is a subsidiary of Faisal Town PVT Ltd. Zedem has already delivered numerous successful projects like Faisal Hills and Faisal Residencia.

Who are the owners of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:18:04+00:00

It is a project of Zedem International, which is owned by Chaudry Abdul Majeed, a respectable personality in the real estate sector.

What plot sizes does the society offer?2023-05-25T18:21:02+00:00

Faisal Town Phase 2 is currently offering residential plots of the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
Is it an affordable housing society?2023-05-25T18:22:25+00:00

Yes, the society is offering plots at very reasonable rates as of now, the prices are likely to increase after the official launch. So contact us [email protected] and book your plot today.

What are the facilities of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:22:59+00:00

Faisal Town Phase 2 is offering all the contemporary facilities that a leading housing society should provide. It offers a wide range of amenities including basic and modern facilities, healthcare, commercial areas, entertainment facilities, and much more.

What is the investment potential of Faisal Town Phase 2?2023-05-25T18:23:34+00:00

The investment potential of Faisal Town Phase 2 is very high; it offers different variations of plots for investors. Different factors like location, developers, and past projects make it an excellent opportunity.

Does Faisal Town Phase 2 offer plots in installments?2023-05-25T18:24:14+00:00

Yes, you can purchase plots in easy installments, all the residential plots can be purchased by paying a 20% down payment and the rest can be paid in 18 Installments.

Does Faisal Town Phase 2 offer commercial plots?2023-05-25T18:25:00+00:00

Faisal Town Phase 2 does not offer commercial plots yet, but the management will launch them soon, most probably after the residential plot booking closes.


Faisal Town Phase 2 is a new residential project from Chaudry Abdul Majeed under his firm named Faisal Town PVT Ltd. It comes with all the basic and advanced amenities one looks for in a modern housing project. This new project brings a variation of residential and commercial plots at very reasonable rates.  Moreover, this project is carefully planned to facilitate the middle and low-income classes of society.

There are limited plots in Faisal Town Phase 2, so you should hurry up and grab one before the booking closes! Contact us via phone at 051 4853620 , email at [email protected] the website form. We highly recommend investing in this project for high returns. It is likely to become a very successful project in the future just like other projects of Faisal Town PVT Ltd.

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