MPCHS Tele Gardens is a fully developed and widely known housing society of the federal capital developed by MPCHS (Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society). Originally, the society was launched in 1989 but re-launched in 2004.

CDA Sector F-17/3 is designated to MPCHS and F-17/2 is designated to T and T ECHS (Telegram and Telephone Cooperative Housing Society). Both the societies are next to each other and sometimes confused as one society.

Here you will find all the details about MPCHS Tele Gardens, CDA Sector F-17 Islamabad like layout, development updates, master plan, and much more.


MPCHS Tele Gardens, CDA Sector F-17 Islamabad is a housing society in F-17 Islamabad launched back in the early 1990s by MPCHS. It is an admirable housing project offering fine residential space surrounded by the magnificent landscape and equipped with all civic amenities for a peaceful life.

Tele Gardens is another masterpiece of MPCHS with beautiful design and planning to meet international living standards. Moreover, the project resides in zone 2 of Islamabad in the neighborhood of T and T ECHS Housing Society.

The society features high accessibility therefore it is easier to move to different areas of Islamabad. MPCHS Tele Gardens resides on the main GT Road and offers a soothing atmosphere in addition to a supercharged business environment.

In this article, you will learn all about the location, features, map, and other important details about MPCHS Tele Gardens, CDA Sector F-17 Islamabad.


The society is present in Zone 2 of Islamabad and ideally located on the Fateh Jang Road. It is located in the middle of Motorway (M-1) Tarnol Interchange and Tarnol Railway Crossing. It is easier to reach from Rawalpindi and Islamabad because of its location on main Fateh Jang Road.

The location map is attached below for better understanding:

Total Land Area

The society spans over 2751 Kanal with different residential and commercial options.

Nearby Locations and Accessibility

Numerous important and famous institutes are present in the surrounding of MPCHS Tele Gardens and it is easily accessible from all main communication roads. Furthermore, society touches Islamabad Peshawar Motorway on one side and GT Road on the other. That is why many important landmarks are within its proximity and easy access ads up to their location value.

Here are the landmarks nearby MPCHS Tele Gardens, CDA Sector F-17 Islamabad:

  • Approximately 10.8 Km from New Islamabad International Airport.
  • Approximately 29 Km from N-5 National Highway.
  • Approximately 8 Km from Tarnol Interchange.
  • Approximately 33 Km from Fateh Jang Toll Plaza.
  • Approximately 6 Km from Sector E-17 Islamabad.
  • Approximately 10.4 Km from NUST EME College.
  • Approximately 11.4 Km from Jhangi Syedan.
  • Approximately 12 .5 Km from Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Nearby Housing Societies

A large number of housing societies are located within kilometers from F-17 Multi Gardens.

  • Following are the societies near F-17 Multi Gardens:
  • Shalimar Town is approximately 4 Km from its location.
  • D-18 Engineering Cooperative Housing Society is approximately 8.7 Km from its location.
  • F-15 Jammu Kashmir Housing Scheme is approximately 8.3 Km from its location.
  • Mumtaz City is approximately 7.7 Km from its location.
  • Top City 1 is approximately 19 Km from its location.
  • University Town is approximately 12.5 Km from its location.

Access Points of the Society

The main access of the society lies at the main GT Road. However, it is accessible through the entrance of T and T ECHS housing societies also present at GT Road. Moreover, a designated interchange of F-17 is planned and approved by FWO and will be developed soon. A 9 Km signal-free Expressway is also planned to provide quiet to Islamabad Sector F-10.

Owners and Developers of the Society

MPCHS is the owner and developer of F-17/3 Tele Gardens Islamabad. MPCHS has an extensive past portfolio of successful projects and they are known for high-quality real estate projects.

Additionally, MPCHS has a record of developing modern architecture and delivering projects on time. MPCHS showed tremendous growth in F-17/3 Tele Gardens Islamabad through state-of-the-art development techniques and modern facilities.

Development Status

Society is fully developed and fit for living. Currently, numerous houses and commercial buildings are constructed and many families are living in F-17/3 Tele Gardens Islamabad.

Following are the development updates of F-17/3 Tele Gardens Islamabad:

  • Underground provision of power, water, and gas are complete and gas and water connections are provided on request.
  • Road structures are completed and open for traffic.
  • Sewerage and drainage system is delivered.
  • Parking and footpaths are developed and ready for use.
  • Street lightening is complete and fully functional.
  • Horticulture work is fully completed and managed as required.
  • The overall development is completed with buildings and houses are constructed rapidly.
  • Land for future extension is also specified by MPCHS.

Take a look at these pictures to get a clear idea of development in F-17/3 Tele Gardens Islamabad:

Possession Status

All the plots in the society are sold out and now available for reselling.

NOC and Approval

2751 Kanal of land was approved and NOC was issued by the Capital Development Authority in 2008. Additionally, the society owns approval from the Federal Directorate of Education to construct schools in the society. You can verify the details

Features and Amenities

F-17/3 Tele Gardens Islamabad offers all the world-class amenities to the residents including modern infrastructure, civic facilities, and a secure environment.  Occupants enjoy an undisrupted supply of all major facilities for a comfortable life.

Here is the extensive range of amenities at F-17 Tele Gardens Islamabad:

  • All basic necessities such as electricity, water supply, and gas are provided to occupants.
  • Foolproof security ensured with boundary walls, 24/7 CCTV Surveillance, and checked and entry points.
  • Modern sewerage and drainage system ensures effective waste management.
  • Shopping malls and commercial areas for providing daily life merchandise to the residents.
  • 60 ft wide green belts to improve the looks of society and maintain a healthy environment.
  • Water filtration plants for the provision of clean drinking water for residents.
  • Police station within the premises of the society.
  • 170 ft Main Boulevard Road and 40 Ft wide streets.
  • Open spaces, jogging tracks, and playgrounds for the entertainment of residents.
  • Mosques throughout the society for religious practices.

Master Plan

F-17/3 is ideally designed and properly organized to provide a world-class living to the residents. Generally, society is divided into residential and commercial sectors. A total of 1347.30 Kanal of land is allocated to the residential sector. On the other hand, 98.32 Kanal of land is specified for commercial property and 262.45 Kanal is preserved for green belts whereas 201.78 Kanal for parks and open spaces.

Following are the plot sizes and F-17/3 Multi Gardens:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

You can download the master plan below and better understand the layout map of the society:


As mentioned earlier, plots are available on re-sale. The prices have increased significantly in the past 2 to 3 years, but are still quite affordable compared to neighboring societies. However, the market rates differ according to the location of plots

The average plot prices are given below:

Plot Size Minimum Price Maximum Price
7 Marla 70 Lac 80 Lac
10 Marla 80 Lac 90 Lac
12 Marla 95 Lac 1 Crore 5 Lac
1 Kanal 1 Crore 10 Lac 1 Crore 50 Lac

Contact for further details about the location and pricing of plots. Call 051 4853620 send an email at info@thaikadar.com or leave an inquiry through our website.

Booking Details

Thaikadar.com can help buy the best plots according to your requirements and simplify the dealing process. We make sure that you get the best rates in the market for your favorite property. Contact us today to get your property in this beautiful and high-return housing scheme.


F-17/3 Multi Gardens Islamabad is properly planned and developed by MPCHS for ideal living and big investment rewards. The society features an ideal location and provision of all modern amenities. It is equally beneficial for living and future investments as well, and prices are steadily increasing.

This society rewarded previous investors with great benefits. More and more people are constructing houses and settling here. Moreover, society will be extended in the future and create more opportunities in the federal capital.

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