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Al Noor Orchard Lahore Location, Updates



Lahore is becoming the hub of the real estate market with its dynamic market environment and luxurious features of new and developing housing societies. One such name is Al-Noor Orchard Lahore which is an LDA-approved housing project and offers all the modern amenities and features that one might expect.

The location of the project is also ideal for easy maneuverability within the city. There are many reasons that this society is the highlight of the real estate market in Lahore.

Al-Noor Orchard Location

The highlight of Al-Noor Orchard is its location near Faizpur Interchange. It is also close to the other project by Al-Jalil Developers, Al-Jalil Garden. Ravi Toll Plaza is also only 1.3 KMs away from this location.

Following is the location map of the housing project:

Sharaqpur Sharif Road which serves as a connecting road between Lahore and Jaranwala is also right next to the housing society. All the major locations within the city are only a few minutes away from Al-Noor Orchard.


All the major locations near Al-Noor Orchard and their approximate time from the housing societies are as follows:

  • Faizpur Road – 1 Minute
  • Motorway M2 – 8 Minutes
  • Emporium Shopping Mall – 15 Minutes
  • Karachi Lahore Motorway Interchange (KLM III) – 15 Minutes
  • Bus Terminal – 10 Minutes
  • Sagian Wala Bypass Road – 9 Minutes
  • Lahore- Sargodha Road – 12 Minutes
  • Lahore- Jaranwala Road – 7 Minutes

Nearby Housing Societies and Landmarks

  • Al-Raziq Town
  • Shahdara Town
  • Al-Muneeb Garden
  • Railway Colony
  • Garhi Shahu
  • Gulshan e Ravi
  • Samnabad Town
  • Schools, Park & Stadium
  • Lahore Toll Plaza

Developers of Al-Noor Orchard Lahore

Al-Noor Orchard Lahore is the masterpiece by Al-Jalil Developers. They have gained popularity in the real estate market after their project, Al-Jalil Garden. They have a long-standing reputation of 20 years under the leadership of Mr. Nasrullah Khan. A team of highly experienced engineers and architects was hired for the planning and development of this amazing project.

Development Status

Al Noor Orchard Lahore is a semi-developed housing project. The development progress is at a fast pace and the experienced team of Al Jalil Developers is leaving no stone unturned to complete this project with the best of their skills.

Following pictures will help you get a better idea of the development status of Al-Noor Orchard Lahore:

Al-Noor Orchard Masterplan

Al-Jalil Developers have taken due care in ensuring that the location of the housing project is not only central and approachable from all major landmarks, but is also available to the people at an affordable price. The housing society is a 40 Acre Premium land that is affordable and it is further divided into blocks. These are blocks are designed according to the plot size in each block.

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • West Marina

The affordability can be signified by the fact that there are 3 Marla residential plots and 3.5 Marla residential units as well. A theme park is also planned within Al-Noor Orchard and it will spread over an area of 140 Kanals.

Following is the masterplan map of Al-Noor Orchard Lahore:

West Marina

West Marina is the most sought-after residential block in Al-Noor Orchard and it is being developed at a rapid pace. It is a premium block in the Al-Noor Orchard and the investors are highly interested in this block. Al Noor Orchard has launched Marina Sports City in West Marina as well.

Features and Amenities – Al Noor Orchard

The list of all the features and amenities of Al Noor Orchard is as follows:

  • Gated Community with Grand Entrance
  • Underground Wiring
  • Grand Jamia Mosque
  • 24/7 Security
  • Playland for Kids
  • Marina Sports City
  • Sports Areas
  • Commercial Zones
  • Education Institutions
  • Modern Medical Facilities
  • Water Filtration Plant
  • Wide Streets with Street Lights

Plot Sizes

These are the different sizes offered by Al-Noor Orchard:

Residential Plots

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 4 Marla

NOC- Legal Status

Al-Noor Orchard was pleased to announce to its investors that the project has gotten a No Objection Certificate (NOC) under the NOC No. LDA/ DMP1/SKP/913. The NOC was approved by Lahore Development Authority (LDA)back in 2019 and in the previous year, 2018, the first balloting of the housing society was conducted. More than 150 plots were balloted in Blocks A and B.

Payment Plan

The payment plan of Al-Noor Orchard is investor-friendly and this is the reason that this housing society is getting an immense response in the real estate market.

Following are the payment plans of the project:

West Marina Executive Block (Residential)

West Marina Cottages and Villas

Marina Sports City (Residential Plots)

Al-Noor Orchard Residential Plots

AL-Noor Orchards Villa Residential Plots

Buy Plots in Al-Noor Orchard

Al-Noor Orchard is the finest housing project in Lahore that is LDA-Approved and has to offer great affordable rates. With the introduction of West Marina and Marina Sports City, Al Noor Orchard is being praised for its efforts of bringing new and innovative projects to investors.

This has also increased the trust of the people who had already invested in Al Noor Orchard. All in all, Al Noor Orchard is the future of the real estate market in Lahore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Al-Noor Orchard

Is Al Noor Orchard Lahore a safe investment for the new investors?2023-06-12T10:26:19+00:00

Yes, one of the main reasons for being positive about Al Noor Orchard Lahore is that it is one of the few completely legal housing societies. It is an LDA-Approved project, and the development work is already in progress.

The positive response by the people in the real estate sector is another assurance for investing in this housing society. Moreover, the location of the housing project is another reason for Al-Noor Orchard to be a safe investment.

The project is also offering amazing price deals with great payment plans to safeguard your hard-earned money.

To buy plots or invest in Al Noor Orchard Lahore contact info@Thaikadar.com at 051-4853620

What are the different size plots offered by Al Noor Orchard Lahore?2023-06-12T10:25:10+00:00

There are different options in the Al Noor Orchard that makes it a lucrative option for many investors: Residential Plots are available in size of 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal

What are the different size plots offered by Al Noor Orchard Lahore?2023-06-12T10:24:12+00:00

There are different options in the Al Noor Orchard that makes it a lucrative option for many investors: Residential Plots are available in size of 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

What are the highlighting features of Al Noor Orchard Lahore?2023-06-12T10:23:08+00:00

Al Noor Orchard Lahore is a modern-day housing society, and all the features and amenities are part of this amazing project. It includes Gated Community, Playland for Children, Sports Complex, Commercial Activity Zone, International Standard Schools, State-of-the-art Medical Facilities with skilled Doctors and Staff, Water Filtration Plant

Is West Marina a part of Al Noor Orchard Lahore?2023-06-12T10:22:03+00:00

Yes, West Marina is a part of Al Noor Orchard Lahore, and it is one of the premium residential blocks in the housing society. They are also offering Marina Sports City which will attract the people who crave top-notch luxurious features. Al Noor Orchard Lahore extensively markets its block West Marina as it will have all the features one can imagine.

What is the master plan for Al Noor Orchard Lahore?2023-06-12T10:20:27+00:00

Al Noor Orchard Lahore is spread over 40 acres of land and the strategic location of the project makes it a premium choice for the investors. This society is divided into blocks and there are different options for residential plots in the housing society. The highlight of Al Noor Orchard Lahore is its Theme Park that will spread over an area of 140 Kanals. They are people from all socioeconomic backgrounds as they also offer a wide variety of residential plots suited for many individual preferences.

what is the exact location of Al _ Noor Orchards housing project?2023-06-12T10:19:19+00:00

Al Noor Orchard Lahore is located at a prime location near Faizpur Interchange. It is also close to the Al-Jalil Garden. Its accessibility is one of the most attractive features as it is only 8 minutes away from Motorway M2.

One of the competing shopping malls in Lahore, Emporium Mall is only 15 minutes away. It is right next to the Sharaqpur Sharif Road that connects Lahore with Jaranwala. It is situated at a strategic route that is not only accessible from within the city but also convenient for adjacent cities

Is Al Noor Orchard Lahore an approved housing society?2023-06-12T10:18:02+00:00

Yes, one of the greatest benefits of investing in Al Noor Orchard Lahore is that it is approved by Lahore Development Authority (LDA) under No Objection Certificate (NOC) No. LDA/ DMP1/SKP/913. The society was approved 3 years ago in 2019. So, it has a longstanding reputation of being approved in its earlier years.

Who are the owners of Al Noor Orchard Lahore?2023-06-12T10:17:10+00:00

Al-Jalil Developers are behind this amazing project, and they have already known as a well-reputed developer in the real estate market of Pakistan. They gained success from the development of Al-Jalil Garden which is in close vicinity to the Al Noor Orchard Lahore. Mr. Nasrullah Khan is the owner of the Al-Jalil Developers, and he is working in the market for almost 2 decades


Al-Noor Orchard Lahore is an LDA-approved housing society with an affordable payment plan and convenient installment plan. The society is surrounded by a lush green landscape and offers a luxurious life.

Al-Jalil Developers are developing this housing society, they have already completed numerous projects and are famous nationally and internationally. World-class architecture and state-of-the-art amenities make society a great place to live.

You can contact us anytime to get any information about Al-Noor Orchard Lahore. We will help you buy your plot at the most feasible location, according to your exact requirements.

We also deal in other projects, visit out projects page to get more information!

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