The Pakistan Property Show is a unique opportunity for overseas Pakistanis to realize their dreams of owning a property back home, while also exploring investment options in one of the most high-return real estate

markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

The event, which was inaugurated by Sultan Butti bin Mejren, the Director-General of the Dubai Land Department, brings together leading developers and real estate brokerages to showcase properties from all over Pakistan to overseas Pakistanis and foreign investors.


The UAE is home to 1.5 million overseas Pakistanis, who remit approximately $4.33 billion every year to Pakistan, with a majority of this invested in the property sector due to its good returns. The show is primarily targeted at the second-largest community in the UAE, and is expected to be a regular feature, providing an exclusive showcase for the Pakistan real estate sector on the global stage, and the first ever to be hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Haider Ali Khan, CEO of; Zeeshan Ali Khan, CEO of; and Imran Ali Khan, CEO of Emerging Markets Property Group (EPMG) were present on the occasion, and all shared their excitement about the future prospects of the industry and the expectation of a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

“This is just the beginning of an exciting journey to take Pakistani real estate around the world,” Zeeshan Ali Khan said, “The Pakistan Property Show will bring about two fundamental changes. Firstly, it will vastly improve the share of real estate in remittances. Secondly, it will help substantially grow foreign direct investment by attracting foreign investors and developer groups to Pakistan.”

The Pakistani realty market has been witnessing a boom over the last decade, due to the establishment of more and bigger gated communities with standards to match overseas Pakistanis’ experience of living abroad. The shortfall of 10 million housing units leaves no reason to keep market sentiment bullish, and with demand far exceeding supply, the business has only one direction to go, upwards.

“The real estate industry believes in our cause and has consistently stood beside us,” said Khan, “As a culmination of our commitment to Pakistan, the Pakistani real estate sector and the overseas Pakistanis, we have taken our expos global with the Pakistan Property Show. Now the world is in audience to Pakistan’s progress and promise for the future.”

With more than 50 exhibitors participating in the show, visitors will have the chance to explore a wide range of properties from all over Pakistan, including Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and even Gwadar. Whether you’re an overseas Pakistani looking for a home or a foreign investor seeking high-yielding properties, the Pakistan Property Show has something for everyone.

Imran Ali Khan, CEO of EPMG, shared that his group companies across the UAE, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are helping the regional multi-trillion-dollar real estate industry realize its full potential. “EMPG has successfully innovated a unique regional framework for collective economic growth that we hope will guide regional markets in other parts of the world.”

In summary, The Pakistan Property Show is a groundbreaking event that offers a platform for overseas Pakistanis to invest in the booming real estate market back home, while also promoting the country’s peaceful, progressive, and investor-friendly image to the world. With a wide range of properties on offer and an impressive list of exhibitors, the show is a must-attend for anyone looking to invest in the Pakistan property market.

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